A honest review of passive income with your computer

By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 20 Mar 2024

After Years seeking for it, I found some things to have an actual passive income with a computer !

Bandwidth Sharing

Thoses are applications that are using your unused Bandwidth to sell it to companies. Most of time this is just to compare prices or things like that through different locations. You can scroll through all FAQs to see how you data are safe. On the apps I'll show you, the internet you share are about $0.10-0.30/GB but don't think that you will be a millionaire because you have a 850Gb/s connexion. You will never sell more than a GB per day. The most you can get (in france here) is about $0.15 a day if it was a good day. In the USA is probably higher and except North America and Europe it's probably less than that.

But it costs nothing more to you and if you use it for long enough, it's always few $ more than before. I already Bought few games thanks to that. I mean, this is not a lot but this can make a free Twitch Subscription per month




I'm using Honeygain since more than a year now. I like it. Like any other Bandwidth sharing app, it is not intrusive at all : You install it and you don't have to do anything more than checking when you want if it's working (never had a problem with it) and what is your balance.

Honey Gain has a daily pot, once you've shared 15MB in the day you can open it and gain a bonus from $0.002 to $100 (most of time it will be between $0.02 and $0.005. More than that they have a sharing method called Content Delivery which is queued and once you've reached this you earned a $0.006/hour more. In france there are not much places but if I understood well, in north america this is much easier to get the Content delivery Activated.


Expect your daily eranings to be around $0.03-0.06 if you use your computer 6-8 hours a day with their GB selling rate being currently at $0.30/GB

More than that, you can earn a 10% bonus if you decide to get you earning in "JumpTask" instead of cash. JumpTask is their BNB blockchain token. On the website dedicated to JumpTask you can also make some... Tasks which will make you earn more JMPT, from watching a youtube video to staking it in a pool or signing in on a mobile phone.

- You must Reach $20 for your payouts by paypal. With JumpTask your funds seems to be added to your wallet more often automatically.

If you are interested here are my referral codes from Honeygain which will get you your first $3 and JumpTaks and get +20% Bonus Earnings on your 1st task.


Exactly like Honeygain here you earn directly cash from sharing your internet connexion. And here they have themselves their mobile app with tasks and survey to earn more They also created this year the "quests" but I can't do it on pc. I will not talk about that because I'm only talking about Bandwidth sharing.
The rate is $0.20/GB and as I'm talking I'm making around $0.04-0.15 a day.

I don't have that much things to say about it since most of the explainations have already been done. If you use it and try the survey and quests, please tell me how it is in the comments to know if it need a post on it.

You must Reach $5 for your payouts, Paypal, Visa or Amazon GiftCard or BTC

There is also a referral link, you will earn $1, plus $1 for both the two first payouts. (from $5)



Exactly like the two before but simpler. This time you just have the internet sharing. You install it and it shares and nothing else. For now It seems to be a little slower and pays only $0.10/GB but this is stll few $ a year for nothing more to do.

You must Reach $5 for your payoutsn Only with Paypal


Here's the referral code not sure if you get anything from it.



One thing which is needed to say before using it is the fact that you are not earning money using it for now. and *They will explain it better than me on their FAQ* :


  • As an early adopter, you’re not only getting rewarded for selling unused bandwidth, but also gaining a stake in a future network that could index the entire web.
  •  We're committed to rewarding our early adopters by granting them a stake in a network that is destined to become the source of truth for decentralized AI. By joining Grass, you're not just selling unused bandwidth, you're claiming your stake in the future. Secure your place today in this revolution and be a part of something that is set to redefine the online world.

They have a rank System giving bonus points for referrals and point your earns you can find here.


As I use it I find it to be pretty fast to earn points. Something around 100 points/hour.


If you want to create you account, you can use my referral link if the link doesn't work you will still need the referral code to register : 6dusjdpdRlT4cjs


Computing power Sharing

Computing power sharing is using your computer's components for someone or something else than your computer needs. On the blockchains you know that with the Proof of Work mining but this can be used for something else, from remote 3D renders to AI creation.

I tried a lot of them, Golem or but most of time they are not really effective, or you don't really choose what to do with your earnings. But I found a new one which is pretty different



Salad uses your hardware GPU, CPU and RAM to resolve some work. It uses it by default to mine crypto if there is no other work avalaible but if you have a good computer you should always be busy.
The more powerful our computer is, the more containers it will be allowed to work on. If I understood it well, you only work on one container at a time and the money you earned is defined by this. You can see that *my earnings are always around $5.3 a day* thanks to my RTX 4080


As I said before, this is the first one to be paying that much. But always be careful that you pay less in enegy bills that you earn. This is not net earnings, unlike the bandwidth sharing, here you have some cost, you computer will be consuming way more energy than whe, really idle. Ad to be honest I even recommand to use it at a moment where you are using your computer for something lighter like writing a post, browsing the web, watxhing a movie or videos and not letting your computer running during the night. Like that you are only making money while you are on your computer and not making too much extra consuption.

Note that there is a Bandwidth sharing option and as I heard it's pretty lucrative too, but I don't have it in france, as always it's more like USA, Canada and sometimes Germany. And as I understood they may even have one of the best rate from this post. I saw people making more than $1/day only with internet sharing on their Discord

You can do your first payout really fast with paypal at $5 or even lower by buying games on their store.

Using my referral code (9RJPNA) you can get a x2 boost until you reach your first $4.

Using all that apps and websites, you can clearly earn some extra cash. Even if bandwidth sharing is not really fast, if you have several of those apps and are not too hurry, at the end of the year you can have a little something like a free game or something else I'll let you choose 😅


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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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