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Finished lasted Artwork and Trying to up my Online Game and Tying out PUBLISHOX

By donnadavisart | Donna Davis Art | 7 Apr 2020

# Here is my latest finished Animal Piece:



 For any new followers or those who don't recall
one of my main focus of my artwork is animals. I love them. I also love the humour of placing them in funny anthropomorphic situations and well, if it amuses me to no end, then at least if no one else likes a piece, I've made myself giggle and had fun along the way.

My style in these pieces play with colour
and surely I'm never attempting to make a photorealistic version of an animal. For me, the joy of colour and design far outway any attempts at realism. I'm not aiming for animal book illustration but rather a play of colour and form with the theme of animal.

 I happily make a baby sloth pink, why not?
and a pug puppy sharing those tones makes for the harmony of the piece. In fact, in many ways, composition and colour almost become more key to me ONCE I go from rough sketch to laid out final piece.

Now that we live in the NEW NORMAL
and are therefore expected to be MORE at home, I've decided I really need to UP my online game. Being an artists, already, makes online and at home life a bit easier, but now with the worry of what the **New World** will be I'm determined to spend more time with each finished piece on laying it out on ALL the various items one can sell one's artwork on today.

 I'm always surprised and happily so, when my pieces sell as Bit wall mural decals or curtains or bedspreads.
IT makes me want to, now all the more, spend MORE time on the layout and redesign and graphic design of the pieces ONTO things.

So, I'll share some of the results of this piece here on some things:
For example, simply placing it as is on a shirt just won't do anymore, now in this case I've made some bubbled outlines. THEN the really FUN bit (Though heavens It took me 2 hours and a few attempts) was laying it out on the ALL OVER PRINT SHIRT. It means more, I think, to potential customers to see the thought and planning in placing the graphic. We'll see.

Shirt designs

I think the All over prints actually lend themselves more to a 'fashion' shirt, like one could wear it with a skirt and belt and feel a bit more dressed up than a simple Tee with just a logo in the center?

 I've also taken into consideration placement and repeats on other things as well.



I really had fun with the rug, as I took the time to sample colours from the piece and make borders . This is true of the curtains, and I had a heck of a time, as the 'sizes' they give for curtains seem to not coordinate with the final positioning, so I had to make it about five times. Then I saved that file for future use.

They give layouts for some things, but for others like curtains and wallpaper, just general file size and then it's trial and error, but that's all part of design and also part of what's needed to UP our games in the Online sales world.

# Well, I'd love to get out into the garden today, but we are AGAIN having heavy rains.
Heavens, the rain! It's been endless this week, with only a few moments in between. I was able to get out and work a bit more on my on going new Veg garden, but I'll share that in another post. AND maybe it'll be dry enough to get some photos to share of the progress.

 For now I hope you all have a lovely day.
And as we're all trying to adjust to the new AT home, work from home, quarantined New World, I hope inspiration and opportunity comes to you in abundance.

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I am a digital artist also working in oils and printmaking. I am an avid gardening and love to keep chickens. If I'm not creating art, I'm in the garden or reading about either or both!

Donna Davis Art
Donna Davis Art

I am an artist working in digital as well as oil and print making. I am also an avid gardener and love to 'dabble' at homesteading. Sharing my artwork and various garden projects from my home by the sea is one of my favourite forms of creativity.

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