Designing Socks and Shoes and some New Spring flowers

By donnadavisart | Donna Davis Art | 9 Apr 2020

# I've been having some fun designing shoes and socks



Well, I say fun (and it IS) but it's also work and there is frustration with templates not working properly. I also spent hours laying them out then writing the info on the site I'm using, Which is my [Threadless account]( only to upload, wait and wait then thinking it Worked, as it told me so, to find out it had not and then, redoing it...

# Anyway, I am having fun with my two latest animal pieces on socks and shoes.


and hoping to do more.

# I'm really trying to get back into my strict daily schedule,
yet Yesterday, which was a Post and Social media day, did not pan out as well, because the simple tasks of 'to-doing' now are a Big Adventure in the New Normal.

# Thus going to our artistinal Spring in the local Village where I have my Antique cottage to get water
becomes usually a waiting game, as more people now want to get their water there. Though , it was raining and thus No line, only problem was we need to get MORE at a time now as we are not meant to be 'out' to often. So popping down for a few gallons a few times a week is now 24-30 gallons at once every two weeks.

# And here is just a few of them in the back of my car (the rest on the other seats)



You can see I treated myself, as I also needed to stock up on Feed for poultry so when I saw these butter yellow Carnations/dianthus I HAD to get two pots of them.

# Now back to the New Normal interrupting my New Schedule
again, a simple to-doing run to the shops is now an adventure. Make the list, plan to go to ALL the places in one outing and fill up the car. And also, stopping at our sweet little antique cottage sitting empty made me sad. I have not been able to go there and get the garden started for the coming season and the coming guests as well, there are NO guests as when **The Event** happened everyone cancelled. I mean right now, for the past week, I was meant to have my first guests for the season.

# But alas, the house is empty and the garden darelict.
The new normal...

# Onto happier things
I am trying to up my social media game as well, so going back to my Twitter, which is a scary place, and back to Insta, which is just a lot of work, and also looking to use even more services to sell art ON things (thus Threadless for socks and shoes)

# I'm trying to decide if gathering up all the various sites, like society6 and threadless as examples,
onto my idle Artists website page make make an OKAY collective of shopping options for my work? I've tired of trying to redo it all onto things directly with Shopify, I've just NOT the time to repost all the things I've already had for sale again onto items, I'd need a crew of people and well, if I could afford a staff, I'd just retire.

# Well, let's end on a happy note
and look again at the lovely Pansy (I can't get over that amazing lilac purple) and Wonderful Dianthus I bought.





This was snapped with my phone, which is ancient, so it does NOT do justice to the colours.

I have been focusing on purples and yellows in this bed, so here you can see them next to my happily blooming primrose. I've had this shade for a few years and each fall divide them a bit in hopes to get more. I've two seedtrays FULL of standard size florist quality carnations I am trying for the first time this year

# Thank Goodness for the Garden
for though I DO love art and to create, the garden (and the chicken and quail) are my zen go to place of late. The most Old Normal that seems to keep me grounded in the New Normal.
# I hope all of you have SOMETHING which you can hold, like a touchstone, of the Old normal to manage the New. Here is to we all trying our best to get along. I hope there is a moment of sunshine and whatever your 'dianthus' might be in your life today 100 fold.


# As always, like share subscribe and all those good things.

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I am a digital artist also working in oils and printmaking. I am an avid gardening and love to keep chickens. If I'm not creating art, I'm in the garden or reading about either or both!

Donna Davis Art
Donna Davis Art

I am an artist working in digital as well as oil and print making. I am also an avid gardener and love to 'dabble' at homesteading. Sharing my artwork and various garden projects from my home by the sea is one of my favourite forms of creativity.

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