Bad Personal Habits You Should Stop Now

Bad Personal Habits You Should Stop Now

By Dominus1 | Dominus1 | 13 Apr 2020


There are many personal habits of ours that either accepted or unaccepted by the society. Most of the habit in general are not good for oneself too as it can diminish your own image or affect your personal life. It has even become an addiction by others.

These actions should be put to end as soon as possible or let say the earlier the better.

Some of these actions are:

Masturbation: Masturbation kills one’s self confidence and make him or her less secure. It kills a person’s motivation to approach the opposite gender. Also it leads to low s*x drive.

Excuses: Do you know excuses forces you to not become who you should be. Stop making excuses and accept the fact. Well, sometimes excuses aren’t bad but everyday excuses diminish your self confidence.


The Blame Game: the blame game is not the best of option. Don’t blame others as a means to solve your problem. Look for better alternatives to solve your problems. Blaming people can get you in big trouble someday and will also make you lose your friends.

Smoking: This puts your life on the line and puts you at a high-level threat. You risk contracting cancer at the end ioff the day. So, once you go in, the door will be closed and you will be alone to fight the diseases it causes.


Accept Your Failure And Start Again: Accepting failure and restarting doesn’t make you incompetent, rather it shows your willingness to succeed. Many lose faith in themselves when they see that they messed up at something or came to a dead end. Believe in yourself and start all over again, trust me you will become the most successful you never imagine yourself to be.


Being Lazy: Staying at home due to the lockdown shouldn’tmake you lazy. Grab yourself and start doing something to keep you busy like playing games, reading books or writing articles. You can and should exercise yourself regularly by doing simple exercise. You can as well but the studio to record yourself a beautiful song. Remember, don’t go where the crowd is, not even near 10 people. The lockdown is a great time to reflect on yourself and decide the next action to take in your life.

Expensive Spending: Spending on yourself is good, yes it is because we all suffer to make a good living but too much expensive spending isn’t that good. Flexing just to feel good isn’t a way to make use of the money you don’t know how to spend. You can do charitable deeds with the money you have or save for the future generations in other for them to have a good living as you are having right now. 3143414223-d3f63c759f33989f5ff15362dca1069ece837c7d44124b770dddbde8362aff25.jpeg

Stop Eating Fast Food: Eating Fast food is not healthy. you may not agree with me on this but it is going to affect your health someday. Eat home made food, it has all the required nutrients needed for the body to stay strong and relax the mind.

Care About Others Opinions: Yes you may not be always right, so listen to others opinions in the right way and improve on where you can. NB: It doesn’t mean others should be commanding youbtondo their will. Their opinion only matters when they put it in the right way and manner like sending you personal messages or talking to you privately.

Mind Your Own Business: Be mindful of your own business and actions. Don’t try to be others teachers when you haven’t corrected your own self. Being mister all knowing isn’tright. Don’t expect others to be your puppet and do as you wish



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