My first attempt


By Wilboss | #doityourself | 22 Sep 2020

so had my first attempt at making my own cushions today as i have had fabric and sowing machine lying around for yonks. Went really well so far check my thumbnail pic couldn't get it all in but will post a better pic later. Not bad for my first attempt once you get the hang of the stitching...don't know why I ever bought them I will be making custom orders also and linking to my eBay.if anyone is interested get in touch and i can make you almost any design sets of 2 3 or 4 and will be just as good (better :) 😃) and cheaper a dam site cheaper. I will keep updated on my future endeavours and hopefully will get a few orders. Keep checking for new bits 

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My experience making my own furniture and various household bits and bobs ( sorry my girlfriends experience) lol

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