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Due to recent events, feedback we have received, and the results so far in the presale, the team has made a series of decisions to (hopefully) improve the situation and encourage the community to become more actively involved in the game. Therefore, we bring you the following news and changes.

Whitelist and Presale News

We believe that it has been one of the biggest mistakes we have made, so we have tried to learn from it by asking the community and collaborators, and we are going to introduce the following news:

● The whitelist itself is now closed to new entrants, and those who are already on it will be the only ones who can buy during the presale.

● However, the presale will have a deadline. Since some people on the whitelist have expressed their desire to mint their NFT, but need to wait until the end of the month to receive their salary before being able to make the purchase, and we do not want to leave anyone out, the presale will remain open until March 8th inclusive.

● The NFTs minted during the presale will have a special status called Genesis, and this presale will be the only way to get one of these Genesis Travelers. ● Starting March 8th, public sale will be open, without the need to be on the whitelist.

● The public sale will offer 2 types of Travelers:

● Tier 3 Travelers at 0.2 BNB (the regular ones up to now, but without Genesis distinction)

● Tier 0 Travelers at 0.05 BNB

Traveler Tiers

As mentioned, Tiers are being introduced to the Travelers. We have also received feedback that the NFTs are expensive and not affordable for everyone, and on the other hand, some people would prefer to try the game by investing less until they are sure they enjoy it, and then make a larger investment.

On the other hand, we think it is fair that there is a big difference because it is very important for us to value and reward those who trust us from the beginning by making the initial investment larger. Therefore, the following Tiers will exist:

● Tier 3 Travelers:

● They cost 0.2 BNB

● They will be available from March 8th in public sale

● They are the base travelers as they appear in the whitepaper with all the described characteristics (6 professions, breeding, WP's base production, skill tree, health, hunger, etc.)

● Tier 3 Travelers (Genesis):

● They cost 0.2 BNB

● They are available only through whitelist and until March 8th

● They have the same game characteristics as Tier 3 Travelers

● They will have a lifetime 20% discount within the game for: Land purchases, Breeding costs, Building costs, Crafting costs, Land rental costs, and Packs/Boxes/Surprise chests that may be offered for sale in the future.

● Certain exclusive events for them

● Tier 0 Travelers:

● They cost 0.05 BNB

● They will be available from March 8th in public sale

● They will have the following characteristics:

● They will only belong to 2 professions (Miners or Cultivators)

● They have 60 attribute points instead of 90

● They will play on a special map

● They cannot breed

● They cannot participate in events

● They do not have a skill tree

● An account without Tier 3 Travelers cannot Claim SNAILs, only use them to evolve the Traveler.

● An account without Tier 3 Travelers cannot trade on the Marketplace.

● Its production is 50% of the base production

● It spends double the energy points to perform an action

● It takes double the time to perform an action

● It does not lose health

● It does not get hungry

● Tiers can be increased through SNAILs (5000/Tier up to becoming a Tier 3 Traveler, where they will obtain the characteristics of a normal Traveler and generate attributes and professions like those directly minted as Tier 3)

● Each increased Tier will also improve productivity and distribute 10 more attribute points Tier 0 Travelers have a dual purpose: to allow game testing with much lower investment, which is why they are greatly simplified compared to normal Travelers. Secondly, the possibility of entering the game from the bottom and gradually improving the Traveler until it evolves into a normal Tier 3 Traveler that will move to one of the normal maps with the rest.


Beta Version and Scholarships


Another point that you have requested is a Beta version, and that is why we are introducing this point. Thanks to Tier 0 Travelers, both the Beta version and Scholarships become a reality.

The game will start by launching a simpler Beta version than the one explained in the WP earlier than planned (there is still no fixed date). This Beta version will contain the special map for Tier 0 Travelers, which will be a 100x100 map (10000 Lands in total). These Lands will be exclusively for resources (you can only use them to farm game resources: food, wood, metal, or mineral).

There will be two ways to play this version and test the functionalities:

● Beta Version: Those who wish to play on their own will need at least one Tier 0 Traveler (the number of Tier 0 Travelers per account is unlimited). Once they have their Traveler, they will need to use SNAILs as in the normal game to exploit the land. In this map, exploiting the lands will cost 5 SNAILs per use, and the production obtained will be equivalent to the Traveler's Tier. Important: Since an account that only has Tier 0 cannot trade or card, etc., these resources will be associated with the account but cannot be used until at least one Traveler has Tier 3. On the other hand, an account that chooses to enter to play this version with a Tier 0 Traveler but has another Tier 3 Traveler can make normal use of these resources on the Tier 3 map.

● Scholarships: The option of offering Scholarships will also be available. To do so, a Tier 3 Traveler must decide to offer a Scholarship. Scholarships will have a weekly duration (although they can be renewed week after week indefinitely). The operation will be as follows:

● The Tier 3 Traveler offers a Scholarship

● The game freezes 500 SNAILs for them

● The Tier 0 Traveler signs up for the Scholarship

● During the following week, the Tier 0 Traveler can exploit the Lands on the map at no cost and receive 10 SNAILs for each exploitation

● At the same time, the Tier 3 Traveler will receive the resources obtained by the Tier 0 Traveler in each exploitation

● At the end of the week, the amount received by the Tier 0 Traveler will be deducted from the frozen SNAILs of the Tier 3 Traveler, and the remainder will be returned to the Tier 3 Traveler, who can start the cycle again There will also be a ranking of Scholars so that the most attentive and productive Scholars can have priority in scholarships, ensuring the Tier 3 Traveler who offers the scholarship a maximum return.



As always I hope you enjoyed the article and hope to see you in the game as well.

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