Mode Zen On!!

By Tirria | Doggy Talk's Reflections | 14 Sep 2023

Mode Zen On. I curve myself. I curve and adapt myself. Giving wings around me I try to gain momentum to jump. To go fly. Want to feel the fresh air on your face. I'll wait for you here. The air is charged with energy. Energies of many types. Energies that run from one side to the other intermingling. They sizzle. They beat faster and faster. It is impossible to ignore them. The storm is coming upon us. I just watch how it arrives. I'm just waiting for the rain. The purification.


The exhaust valve is close to giving way. Powerful changes are coming. Wounds that will be opened to heal old wounds. Painful wounds. Pains that are liked because they bring better times, better ways of being. But pains definitely hurt. The scar they paint on your soul will depend on how you look into their eyes.


 While I'm combing the feathers of my wings. Big, long and white as light. Clean and white, they are gently woven together until they look synthetic. Clean, soft, robust and... ready!! Prepared to sustain me forever flying over the rot. You just have to wait for that breath of fresh air to arrive that starts everything. You just have to wait for the right storm to arrive that ignites the change.


I keep giving wings and waiting for the night. Waiting for this special New Moon. This Black Moon that perhaps starts everything. This hot storm is sneaking up and promises to wake us all up.


We will see!! We continue!! Let's fly!!


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