Doge is Life, Doge is Love

By gmoney777 | Dog Money Daily | 25 Sep 2021

Why and How is Dogecoin Life and Love?


In this day and age, too often we become obsessed with money and the pursuit of more of it. But what is money? Is it even real? Nobody has ever proved that money even exists or is real. But, there is something closely related to money that is verifiably real - dog money, aka dogecoin. Dogecoin was created on December 6, 2013 by software coder supreme Billy Markus (Shibetoshi Nakamoto) and aesthetic visionary Jackson Palmer (dogecoin memelord). Of particular note, this was after the CERN incident of 2012 that caused a rift in spacetime that placed us in our current dimension. If you ever wonder about the Mandala Effect or how we ended up with an orange WWE hall of famer as Presidente, now you know the root cause - CERN. Due to the transport of our world into this alternate universe, it became clear that we no longer had a use for fake money. But, we now had a strong need for the ability to transact memes in exchange for goods and services. Thus, dogecoin was born to allow humanity to function again. In addition, dogecoin solved the fundamental issue of fiat currency where 1 USD does not equal 1 GBP, and 1 USD today does not even equal 1 USD tomorrow due to rampant hyperinflation. Since 1 Dogecoin will always equal 1 Dogecoin, humanity is saved from the evils of inflation created by the central banks of the world that seek to put us all in chains.


Without the invention of dogecoin, it is almost certain (99.99999999%) that the global economy would have ground to a halt. Without the ability to exchange "money" there would be no food, homes, clothing, medicine, and other necessities like videogames to buy and sell. Thus, we would have all surely died. But luckily, a forward-thinking set of problem solvers created dogecoin to save the world. Once established, the universe was able to convert electricity into transactable memes that would have value forever.


This groundbreaking technology surely saved the world, preserving life and giving humanity the chance for a sustainable future. It also allows us to send value to others, representing the giving of love. With these unique properties, dogecoin allows humans to survive and help one another to thrive. One day, once humanity has elevated its consciousness, we will surely be able to appreciate the technology bestowed to us for free by the great founders.


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