The Investing World No Longer Makes Sense!

By Doc | Doc | 21 Aug 2019

The investing world is no longer making sense, it's time for bitcoin.


One glaring example, among many, is what is going in with the bond markets.


Right now, according to Deutsche Bank, roughly 27% of all the bonds in the world trade at a negative interest rate...




Let that sink in for a moment, over a quarter of all the bonds issued in the world trade at a negative interest rate.


That wouldn't be that bad except when you take into account the amount of money sitting in those bonds.


That 27% accounts for roughly $15 trillion dollars!


For some perspective, that $15 trillion is roughly 80x the current market cap of bitcoin.


And they say it makes no sense to invest in bitcoin...


It LITERALLY makes ZERO sense to invest in a negative yielding bond!


I look forward to the day that finance starts making sense again.


Stay informed my friends.



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