BTC - Hashrate makes new all-time high!

BTC - Hashrate makes new all-time high!

By Doc | Doc | 25 Dec 2019

Bitcoin's hash rate is now again at all time highs!

So much for miner capitulation like many of the latest news articles would have you believe.

Hash rate seems very much tied to price action right now.

Any kind of positive price action and it goes back up, negative price action and it turns south.

Check out the latest graph:



As you can see, we have now turned back up and are making new highs yet again as of a few minutes ago.

Much ado about nothing?

People have been taking note of the declining or sideways hash rate for weeks now.

Mostly talking about how it was likely miners capitulating, throwing in the towel as prices drifted ever lower.

Their capitulation adding to the sell pressure and going to take prices to extremely low levels.

It appears this $7k-$7.5K is a very sensitive area as it relates to miners.

If we drift to the bottom of that range or go lower, miners are being forced to shut off the machines.

However, now being at the higher end of that range (and above it) like we've been for the past few days, the machines appear to get turned back on.

Either way, zooming out a bit and looking at the higher lows in hash rate, it still looks like there was really nothing to worry about:


We have been seeing higher lows basically the whole time.

A small sideways breather was to be expected after such a sustained move higher over the last several months.

Overall, the trend has been overwhelmingly, 'up'.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the hash rate once this next halving takes place

If miners are having trouble keeping the machines going at this price point with the current block reward, what are they going to do when that reward gets cut in half?

They either need a price of 2x higher ($14k) and/or a dramatic drop in difficulty, or they may be forced to shut down.

Interesting times we are in.

With the halving now less than 5 months away, these next 5 months should be very interesting.

Stay informed my friends.



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