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What is Upland?

By Dobler | Dobler | 7 May 2021

Blockchain Real Estate.


Upland Journal:

This is a journal about the time that I spend playing a game called upland. I have no clue how it works and maybe if you are on this website you know more than me but I'd like to learn and get better and become great at playing upland. Basically, I am pretty much all caught up with how the money system works and everything, and if you don't know let me try my best to explain it. When you make an account and you are looking around for different land, you can see many different prices. My roommate and I are wondering if we should be buying famous places. Leaving us with the question, should we spend money and work towards buying more expensive places, should we keep our property where it is? what determines the value? I feel like there is a lot that I still have left to learn but... Finals are almost over and that means that I will be able to do this more often. Please comment, respond, like, or whatever you can do on this program, haha I still haven't learned it well.

Brief Overview:

This is an app and website that is accessible on mobile and the web. Your account is linked so it saves all of the information. You are able to buy and sell real estate in this game. This is also a blockchain application meaning that you are able to purchase items in cryptocurrency as well as with real USD. Those are the two main ways of purchasing within this game but there is a third option, trade. You are able to trade your land for different land within the game. Each of these properties is an NFT meaning that it is unique and each one is a one of one. If you purchase a share of land, you are the current owner and you are able to sell this property or keep it.

What can you do in upland?

Buying property is the main aspect of this game currently. But, in the future, they plan on making this a virtual reality game meaning that if someone wants to go somewhere in VR they either have to own it or pay to go there.

Once you own property, you make an income on it based on players that walk through your land. This income can be used to purchase more property. I have noticed that many people are buying and selling land near transportation like subways and airports because they get the most foot traffic and will receive the best return.


In the future, they have many plans for this app. They plan on allowing users to enter the world in Virtual reality as previously mentioned. This means that they are likely adding friend features and more. They are releasing new land and new locations around the world all of the time. They have many plans for the future so, I have been buying this land. I have sold one piece of land and have 10 total now. 

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