They raised the stock price without notifying any investors!

They raised the stock price without notifying any investors!

By ROcrypton | ROcrypton blog | 1 Jun 2023


   I don't want anyone to think that I am for or against the attitude of the bitcoin investment platform cryptowin after all, I also have Bitcoin there.

   What happened was the following, they increased the share price from 1000 Satoshi to 100,000 and the worst part is that they didn't notify anyone.

   Many sardine investors like me were used to reinvesting their daily profit buying cryptowin shares, at least until today, my strategy was to get all the satoshis accumulated on other sites like coinpayu, faucetpay, viefaucet, Satoshitap, bitcoviews.... And be part of the revenue share, but now it will take longer before I can buy a share,

   Today I sent 2000 satoshis to the commercial balance sheet thinking of buying two more shares but then I was surprised the share increased absurdly from 1000 sats to 100,000 and my 2000 sats were blocked on the balance sheet, but I'll have to add more and pray for cryptowin to continue paying as always paid


   They say that they are running a 3-month promotion and the daily return has increased from 0.7% to 1.7% and if they manage to pay the interest I understand that the platform will be very well regarded in the field, but how is the whole guys who invested like me, only with earnings per task or text creation, many people don't have 100,000 sats to take from their monthly salary.

   I thought during the day and as cryptowin has good social proof I decided to gather what I can to buy these shares, but it was so nice to buy shares every day, it seems safer when the share price is low and the return is compatible.

   Some have the theory that the platform is testing the liquidity of its investors

    The debate today on twitter was heated, many angry people wanted to buy shares for 1000 sats, but apparently that option was already gone. Look at cryptowin's answer




     I would really like to know if you, dear reader, participated in the purchase of daily shares and had your return locked in the balance sheet before seeing that the share price had increased, okay, in my case it was very little, in those who were placing a higher value now you will be forced to buy at least one share for 100,000 or use the money in lottery games or to advertise links, because Withdraw is no longer enough with what is on the balance sheet.

    Now I'm going to look into that twitter comment where it says that above 5000 sats it won't be possible to withdraw to Faucetpay, because I saw that while writing. Hope not.

   So to finish if you have money to take advantage of this promotion and if cryptowin remains honest as always I wish you good profits, but if you're like me who don't have money left and you have to join little by little to be able to invest I'll leave the links cited like this, in addition to the Tip, we can help each other!



  Extra👉  adbtc

 ......I miss my actions of 1000 sats, I put 1000 and won 1260, that made a lot of poor people sad today 😭

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