After falling into a scam I had to change the strategy

After falling into a scam I had to change the strategy

By ROcrypton | ROcrypton blog | 10 Jul 2023


   After falling into a scam I decided to change my strategies on how to apply satoshis to yield more, those SATs earned in faucet, PTC, ads ... Before applied in a scam called cryptowin.

    I want to continue making income with these SATs and not having learned yet from the scam, I bought 9 more shares on cryptogrow, another earnings platform, I intended to buy more, but after a few days the faucet option simply disappeared and the PTC reduced a lot.

    So I went to withdraw some Satoshis that I had on faucetpay and when I went to see the fee it increased absurdly ( it is still cheap compared to the network price ) but for Faucetpay which before was 600 SATs , now it is 6000 .... So what would be the output , I had an idea that many must have had before me.

     COINPAYU is the platform of the moment, many people still don't know that coinpayu added the lithning network for payment and that makes everything much cheaper, think about 7000 SATs on faucetpay against 20 or 30 SATs on coinpayu depending on the amount of your withdrawal.

     So what I did was get the SATs from Faucetpay and buy the basic upgrade which is the Junior partner, I paid about 8000 SATs without paying a fee, this plan lasts for a month, but this is not an investment, because you have to work , what I mean by that is that the ads double in value and you can earn up to 25 SATs to see an ad, which you don't really need to just leave the tab open.

    In the first three days I already withdraw more than 3000 of course I did the offer walls and surveys too and then I withdraw the SATs through the lightning network... Do you understand how I can put the bitcoins in my main wallet without paying the fee from Faucetpay, just buy the Junior partner and accumulate in coinpayu to send by lightning.

     Talking about if it's "not your keys, not your coins" I know I'm at risk for using these platforms, but if you do a search you'll see that coinpayu has a different economy than those faucets like cryptowin, there you have a contest best articles and they are very active on twitter and really have a very positive reputation.

     I'll leave some images for you to see how the values of the ads are using Junior partner, just letting you know for those who don't know coinpayu, you can also use it for free, I've already withdrawn several SATs there.





 And there are many more cryptocurrencies there!

  Link to earn SATs👉Coinpayu


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