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The crypto HYIP scam phenomenon exposed

By Maestro_dndw | Do Not Deal With | 18 Aug 2022

There is a large-scale phenomenon online that is scamming thousands of people, called HYIP (High Yield Investment Programs). During 2020-2021 I made thorough research on the subject and the results were astounding.

This illegal industry is being run under the radar for quite some time now and produces huge gains for the orchestrators. What they do is they create websites (they call them projects) that usually promise high gains on short to middle-term investment plans, based on a Ponzi scheme. They offer referral programs to recruit clients especially on social media platforms, in exchange for a percentage of the client's investments.

All of these ''projects'' are designed to have a short life lately, and the owners usually shut down the website after they reach their target collected amount of assets, putting a stop to the promised investment plans payments.

I managed to infiltrate one of their core HYIP community, they have a website that centralizes the project's information as a database, with so-called ''monitors'' who are paid to promote the scams, the tentacles are long and numerous throughout the world wide web. They exposed to me their means of doing their ''business'' in relevant details that I will post here since I took screenshots of the conversations on their social media platform embodied in their website.


A comprehensive definition of HYIP:


HYIP admins explained:




Here is how monitors scam innocent people who never heard of HYIP before:




Here is how one of the website chat mods delivers false information about the true website's mission:




One of their projects with total investment of over 1 billion USD:


I desire to raise awareness of the HYIP scam industry, this is the original post I made earlier in 2021 on the anti-scam database project I am involved in here, honest people need to stay away and not invest in these Ponzi schemes, and authorities should pick up the trace of the money and take legal action.

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