HYPERJUMP DEFI :- A very versatile & One stop platform for DeFi, GamFi ( A hidden Gem )

By Dipendra | DIPENDRA | 19 Feb 2022

Hello Guys ☺️

It's very long time to get back here (There is some reason ) but let it go that not matter anymore


I am here to introduce a project which is very versatile , one stop DeFi platform, here you gonna get everything related to DeFi, 

Let's Dive into this 

HYPERJUMP  Play to Earn, Farm to earn, Fiat on Ramp, Live trading charts are here, 


HyperJump is a multi-chain platform which groups all the DApps in just one dApp with a friendly, clean and innovative user interface 


  • Hyperjump and it's versatility


Hyperjump is a decentralised finance platform and HyperJump is a multi-chain ( currently On fantom & Binance smart chain )  platform which groups all the DApps in just one dApp with a friendly, clean and innovative user interface,  


  • HyperJump is a multi-chain Defi platform focused on optimizing and grouping the main DApps most used by users in a single interface, the platform has a multi-chain interface which groups all the DApps in just one dApp with a friendly, clean and innovative user interface, therefore you can quickly scroll through all the options in an easy way,

The HyperJump ecosystem of tokens includes

  • $JUMP their multi-chain farming token,


  • $HYPR (Binance Smart Chain) and
  • $AURORA (Fantom Opera Chain) which are used for governance of the platform.


You can swap your tokens quickly thanks to the different subgraph nodes in the different chains.

Swap with limit order




 the real thing when this thing deployed (which is really coming very soon 🔜 ) the token shot to the moon

Starvaults will come with new strategies, to provide increasing APY to users and at the same time benefit the protocol, specially single staking pools 



Based on play to earn game with good UI and graphics very simple and easy to win 



A multi-chain bridges between chains with its easy to use and simplicity and minimal fees  ,



A very useful tool for Now and forever to avoid scam by approval some shit ( Recently very discussed Tool from Hyperjump even binance ceo CZ also talked about this thing ) 

 Approving a malicious or vulnerable smart contract could drain tokens from your wallet without your consent?

Using Unrekt Hyperjump.fi you can revoke all approved permissions of dapps with which you have interacted and keep your assets #SAFU !



buy crypto with bank card, and best is that its on Dex & With lowest fees

Onramper is a ‘fiat gateway aggregator’ that aggregates multiple major fiat-to-crypto gateways in a single easy to implement fiat onramp. Simply said, this means that businesses can integrate Onramper on their website to allow their users to buy crypto using fiat. With bank Card



Galactic-Lottery (the name sounds good 👍 isn't it ) With this new integration to the platform, users will be able to use their farming tokens ( JUMP ) to buy lottery tickets, increase burns, and even get some MEGA JACKPOTS if they are winners! And one more good thing is appropriate more than 70% win ( my estimate ) 


MoonBet Casino powered by HyperJump_fi is on FantomChain as well as BinanceSmartChain and other chains too

Moonbet casino is a product created to provide seamless, fun, profitable gaming experience to HyperJump finance users.

MoonBet Casino is a product created out an innovative collaboration between TheOwlGam and Hyperjump_fi .

OwlGame is the Leading Crypto Casino Solution on Ethereum Networks. 

  • How does it benefit users and protocol?

HyperCrew can deposit $JUMP to play casino games and earn more than 100x in rewards.💰

It not only provides usecase to $JUMP token but as well as directs it towards GameFi narrative. & All casinos lovers

Also all Official HyperJump partners will be eligible to add their token on MoonBet Casino  to provide utility for it, thus providing more reasons to join the #HyperVerse


 In This building time We do not find ways to be safe and keep safe to our fund from , spam, scan, flash lone etc

HypeJump is Audited by Certik. Hyperjump also have its own auditing services called HyperCheck. Hyperswap is safe from Flash-Loan Exploits. Hyperjump is the first project to patch syrup bug


we can expect these things in near future from teamda6162ae90dc2353679e5b399660e95e724725033af81a7455ecec445d951715.gif


Finnal Thoughts

They believe in Building and whatever hyperjump team build may Not be perfect but not less than it too, but better then many others already established DeFi

Give a try this DeFi you or anyone won't regret

We believe in Building

Their social media accounts ( MUST CHECKOUT ) for more useful informations ℹ️



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