Staking for small fish!?!?!

By Det10 | dmd10 | 20 Aug 2020

   With defi exploding and all of the staking going on this could be good for small fish. I recently ran into myx token on ethereum but I missed getting in early, same as them all. I broadened out my search some to see what was on ethereum classic. Especially with their recent issues. All the degen users sure seem to be risk takers this one could be a way for small fish to get in early then spread it. I am not sure. I am still new to all of this honestly. This could be worthless but I am sure many of the projects out now are worthless. This project is called Universal coin on and is on ethereum classic. It is cheap and it has two coins.  Once you have UVC you get airdropped UVCX which can be staked. I just took current pics of the supply and how much is left. If enough people got in and then spread the news they could make some money I would think. For now you must buy UVC on Saturn to get the UVCX to stake. More projects could be built on this as well if that's your thing.

Discord: https://discord.gg/pupjXVJ

Website uvc: https://universalcoin.io/




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