Purse.io Closed Down :( ... What Alternative Is There To Earn Bitcoin?

Purse.io Closed Down :( ... What Alternative Is There To Earn Bitcoin?

By DiviMonopoly | Divi Monopoly | 3 May 2020

Caviar Is a Delivery Service For Restaurants

Purse.io just shut down their operations for good. I'm not sure why as they have been in business through all of the downturns and uptrends of the Crypto industry, but perhaps this downtrend was an "enough is enough" type of moment for them. Regardless, I was a tad bummed out about this. This was because I was just getting started with them and was planning on testing their platform out for the long run to see what happens and how much Bitcoin I could have compounded. So which gig app did I find, that can allow you guys to earn Bitcoin in exchange for a little hustle? Read more to find out.

Like I mention in all of my blogs, I look at everything as a Dividend, no matter how much it pays. By doing so, I am able to reframe my mindset and become motivated at the idea of making money and ritualizing everything into a normal routine. For example, Amazon Turks was a test that I started at the beginning of February of this year to see if I can compound the cents and dollars into something more. Also whether if, as I do more surveys for Amazon, I will be approved for higher paying surveys later on. I reframed all of the really quick surveys from Amazon Turks as a dividend and became motivated. Now it's a morning routine and so far I've amassed over $116 in total profit.

Amazon Turks

Enter Caviar. Caviar is a food delivery app that provides restaurants with a way to earn income during covid-19 crisis, and also for delivery workers to make extra cash using their courier app for both iOS and Android. I haven't yet delivered for them, but what caught my eye about them was how they offer CashApp as a payment method for accepting earnings along with traditional banking. Of course I selected CashApp because I do want to compound and grow my Bitcoin dividends and continue documenting my Bitcoin journey (1 satoshi at a time). This might actually be a better idea than earning for Purse in the long run as there are no bitcoin discounts: I can simply use the cash that I earn delivering for Caviar and buy Bitcoin in full. 

Payout Option For Caviar - CashApp

Caviar App

Currently, Caviar is a subsidiary for Doordash as they have been purchased by them. But they will continue to operate as separate entities for the foreseeable future. Keep in mind that CashApp does have traditional bank routing and account numbers so you can still use CashApp as a direct deposit source for other work endeavors in the future. I just thought that Caviar having a direct link to them without the hassle of inputting banking information was neat and simple.

CashApp Now Has Traditional Banking Information

Currently, Caviar is available in only a few select cities. However, they are also owned by Doordash, so if you were wanting to do delivery work and Caviar is not allowable in your city, try applying to DoorDash.

Caviar In Select Cities

Gig economy, or side hustles, are the future and is a very cost-effective way to earn extra income assuming that you don't have a problem with overspending, or spending money on stupid things. That and if you have no problem with sweat equity: being able to work hard and get paid well for it. Currently, due to covid, these delivery services are instrumental in building up your wealth (that is using cash flow to reinvest in other ventures).

If you're interested, I'm holding monthly income reports over at divimonopoly.com and also provide other ways to make more money at hack.divimonopoly.com In Month-end 4/20 I earned $1,242.60 and I'm on track to reaching my goal of increasing that by $100 this month-end 5/20. I hope I can inspire you all to work hard and earn even more income than you did pre-covid19. And I sure hope that my writings will aid you during these times.

All the best. May the odds ever be in your favor.

Disclaimer: I do not have a reflink with Courier and am not sponsored by them. If I will ever be sponsored by a company in the future, I will make sure to test everything out to ensure quality and deliver full disclosure. I do have a reflink with DoorDash and CashApp.

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