Warren Buffets 10 rules to success

While routing around for new crypto earning writing platforms and Apps, I came across this old video from way back in 2015 on Youtube Narrated by Evan Carmichael, where Warren Buffet who is undoubtedly the worlds most successful investor of the 20th century breaks down his Top Ten Rules to Success

which are his own personal recipe for success, after watching this video my question to you is what are your own Top 10 rules to success and why.

I would love to hear perspectives from people starting out, learning earning or whales it doesn't really matter and do stories like this encourage you to write stories of your own, both on the page and in real life. 


Warren Buffets Top Ten Rules For Success

1) Find your Passion

2) Hire Well

3) Don't Care What Others Think

4) Read, Read, Read

5) Have a Margin For Safety

6) Have A Competitive Advantage

7) Schedule for your

8) Always be Competing

9) Model Success

10) Give Unconditional Love

It never seems to amaze me how simple some of the rules are that successful investors follow, yet most don't follow in the footsteps of these giants of finance or are unable to because of financial circumstances and I understand this fact completely, However Cryptocurrencies are beginning to level the playing field somewhat.


You may not be able to get in on the bitcoin saga, much like myself but there are many other opportunities, coins, tokens and NFTs that are reasonably cheap and many you can earn, If you write your own content their are many platforms and some unknown, take for instance Topixer a new platform for authors to earn RFX tokens for writing articles much like some already do here on PublishOX, read.cash and leofinance.


If you are a writer and curious to find out more about crypto earning sites, this new April 2021 opportunity for authors to make a little more crypto from their articles might just be right for you can find Topixer "HERE" or at this link http://topixer.com/ref/jaxson 

Find your topics and just write you will find eventually something creative comes out, open the door to new income potentials and start earning a little crypto each day.

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