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Resident Evil was it the Game that broke the Movie Mold?

Resident Evil stands out for me as one of my favourite movies franchises that was also a game that I feel managed to broach the content and storyline in equal measure and quite well may I add, in fact I am not sure I have come across another media collaboration between game and movie that worked out quite as well.


No actually Shhh! I am wrong I also had a big thing for the Da Vinci code game and movie, damn you @raymondspeaks I will be having nightmares now.

Hell these two bring back some awesome memories.





First let me break down the Evil in the Resident

If I remember correctly I think I came across one of the earlier game releases on play station one, the User Interface (UI) at the time was a little arkward and ridged but once you got into the swing of things you were literally good to go.


I remember you where given tasks to complete and you had to make your way around some dangerous city streets or vast buildings after the T-cell virus decimated the population, turning them into flesh eating zombies.

Dang those puppies would come in hot, with gnasjhing teeth just ready to chomp down hard on your flesh.

Unfortunately I can't remember much more than that, but I did quite enjoy the game play once I managed to figure out how to beat them critters down.




The movies however were on another friggin level hot chicks, action and zombies a bit of a dream night out all rolled into one, the whole Umbrella Corporartion storyline just set off so many alarm bells, a big pharma corporation creates a virus, it accidently gets loose from a lab in Wuhan, China. Shhh! there I go again wrong movie......

Anyway you get the gist, a typical plot were a pharma company creates something they shouldn't it accidentally on PuRpoSe gets out and Bam the world ends up down shit creek, ending with the destruction of the worlds population. Holy crap there's also a game for that one now as well Plaque Inc. it's in the App store, I did play it a few times last year when it was first released, funnily it always seemed to end with the same outcome "Yikes." Can you Infect the World?

Now that I think of it, there's also a board game, "what have we been teaching our children".




Anyway back on topic, I have watched the Reisent Evil movies many times and although some of the acting and graphics is a little cringy at times, the storyline and plot adds to the overall entertainment factor, they are definitely some of the best movies in the zombie/ virus genre.

The fact that there is also some games only adds to the excitement. this lets you partake in the fun without the risk to life and limb.





The Code of Da Vinci

The Da Vinci code was a completely reversal of these factors for me, while I found watching the movie interesting and quite entertaining, with a strong cast and good storyline, it was the actually mind bending game play that got me hooked, the feeling that you were apart of it, solving riddles and completing tasks using clues that you had to find, just like Robert Langdon did in the movies, I can remember endless late nights up till the wee hours figuring out riddles, finding clues and completing tasks.


This actually bring me to the new series "Dan Browns" The Lost Symbol, its a prequel to the movies and begins with Langdon in his early days. if that's something you might be interested in watching I did a review last month you can read that HERE


Last minute shout out to the boys


Thanks for putting together this Great contest and awesome prizes for the #cinetv community together this should liven up engage and bring more awareness to the tribes and communities maybe even add a few notch's on peoples token goals, cheers @raymondspeaks appreciate this offering from yourself @flauwy and @Stickupmusic


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