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#Pobpunks NFT Giveaway 4, Meet Vincent Van Vybrainium

For this Giveaway and in Honour of the new twin tribe tokens of #vyb and #pob we have a new kid in town, Meet Vincent Van Vybrainium, a distant cousin to Vincent Van Gough except with a much larger brainium, he has a very cute smile and an endearing personality that is almost dreamy.

You must have heard about the new initiative by now, the Vybrainium child of @trostparadox and his amazing team.
If you've been living under a rock on mars and somehow don't know about Vybrainium, but would like to know more about this awesome new token, please free your mind of all negativity and read this article New Tribe & Token: Verify Your Brain || vybrainium (VYB) by @vyb.vyb, it will definitely be worth your time.

So Far 4 #pobpunks in total have ever been minted, 3 for giveaways and 1 unique, one of a kind piece as a gift to a participant that took it upon himself to get in early an write an article about his now growing #pobpunks NFT collection


Previously minted #Pobpumks NFTs






Alfred Einstein






Nicky Tesla







Snoop Doge



This will be the Fourth Ever #Pobpunk NFT Giveaway



The Rules


  1. Tag 5 clever individuals in the comments below.
    More if you would like to let your friends know about this awesome opportunity to pick up one of the first #pobpunks for free, that could earn them further benefits from writing contests in the future.

  2. Drop your Wax Addy.
    You can get a free Wax address and start your NFT journey on Atomichub Not an Affiliate Link

  3. Join our Discord server #pobpunks and help us become whitelisted in advance of future projects all discord members will receive a unique one of a kind #pobpunks NFT on whitelisting. However this is optional.

If you would like to learn more about previous #pobpunks Alfred, Nicky and Snoop you can do so in my previous posts.

You can find those posts here Who is Alfred Einstein and what makes Nicky Tesla Spark
Is Snoop Doge really the Doge Father

This process has been simplified for the #pob community to aid further engagement and for those that pick up one of the #pobpunks in these giveaways, this NFT will have a future Utility use and act as your entry to earn another unique one of a kind #pobpunks NFT in future writing contests.

An Announcement on that will be made very soon


NFT Distribution


These NFTs will only be limited to the amount of entries and will be distributed one week from the date of this post to everyone that completes the rules. No limit to entries, although only one per person please.


Proof of Brain exclusive Giveaway

This offer is exclusive to the #pob community, so if you have read this post which will be shared across multiple platforms, you are welcome to take part from the proof of brain community front end, which you can find HERE.


However if you do not already have a Hive blockchain account and would like to get started you can set up an account HERE and start earning hive and proof of brain tokens for creating original content, staking, engagement and curation.

Final Notes:
If you would like me to tag you in future NFT giveaway posts let me know in the comments below, I will be happy to do so. or if your would like to be taken off the list also let me know
Here is a list of previous participants and some friends that requested a tag, that might like to grab one or another free NFT @samsmith1971 @djjourneyman23 @vikbuddy @alovely088 @wrestlingdesires @chincoculbert @funshee @mayorkeys @heskay @subidu @esperosh1ve @khaleesii @young-boss-karin @samostically @b0s @princessj190 @wrestlingdesires

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