Getting Motivated to improve your engagement

I originally wrote this article for @leofinance but their is no reason why it cannot be adopted for use on, PublishOX or any other blogging platform as engagement will always benefit your blog, the specific platform you are using or the brand you are working tirelessly to build.

Getting motivated to improve your engagement can be sometimes challenging at best and sometimes we all need that little extra push.

Today I will go over a simple strategy that I have used and it helps me to keep focused on improving my own engagement and in turn the overall engagement on Leofinance,, PublishOX or whatever platform you use to blog, but I cannot do that alone, I need to inject inspiration into others.

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For this to truly work we first must understand the old saying that the master has failed more times than the student has tried and to put that into context.

The more we try the more we will undeniably fail, but with each failure we learn so much, we brush ourselves off and we get straight back in the game improving our knowledge, skills and understanding of our surroundings until we reach a point where our successes far outweigh our failures.

We are all prone to failure nobody is perfect, but to have the guts to stand up and stare that failure in the face takes a lot of courage and this courage is within reach for all that seek better options, a better way, a better life.

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Let me explain a little about the technique I have found that gives me a boost each week and drives me to improve my all round engagements on comment's, replies, upvotes and even posts and helps me to get motivated in the moment, each day.

About three weeks ago I came across an article written by @abh12345 a weekly engagement report that basically documents a list of the Top 100 accounts for engagement.


At first glance I didn't fully understand most of it, especially the lettering above each number and their definitions.


I will be honest I don't think I paid that report the attention it deserved but boy was that a big mistake.

A week past by and another report was produced, this time however I noticed that by some strange miracle I had made it onto the list, I didn't take notice of the position I had reached but I had been trying to improve my engagement anyway as this is something I have found from other platforms that helps you to grow your brand and gain followers.

The next week that followed I noticed I had reached the Top sixty on the Top one hundred list and this encouraged me to observe and utilize the weekly report to grow and expand my engagement and brand here on Leofinance, with much appreciation to @abh12345 for producing these very detailed and helpful posts.



I have always believed that if something doesn't challenge you then you will never change and benefit from it and I decided to start using this report each week and that I was going to work hard to improve apon at least one aspect of the report each week.

When I say at least one aspect I by no means suggest that I wasn't going to aim to also improve many other aspects, I now have a strategy, a plan of attack if you like, something I know I can now use to measure the effort I will be putting in.

There is nothing from preventing others from using this report to give them the motivation to push past distractions or that feeling of not being able to find something meaningful to say, simply find something you can relate too or as others have said, if there is something you do not understand just ask a question.

This will help you to Improve your engagement and understand more bit by bit daily until you feel comfortable enough to dive in head first and swim through the waves.

Then you will find that you have one day become that master who has failed many times before, even more times than you students have tried but you will have worked diligently to reach that point of fulfilment and achievement while learning to succeed more times than you fail.

I would love to here from others that find it hard to engage, reach out comment ask me a question if there is something you do not understand and if you enjoyed this article by all means, slap that upvote and beat the living daylights out of that rehive, it will help me to reach more people and gain more followers and I would very much appreciate that. Thank You

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