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Dopesick is a new and interesting big pharma based crime drama about the opioid epidemic of the late nineties and early noughties in American society, which can be found on HULU were it first aired on October 13th 2021.

The story follows Purdue Pharmaceuticals and their relentless, immoral and illegal moves to push Oxicontin as a revolutionary drug for pain relief, with a less than 1% chance of addiction.

The illegal methods used to on board Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals through a deceptive sales team and the funding and establishing of national pain relief organisations and charities to further their own agenda for global reach and maximum profits through narratives founded on lies.




Their campaign included threats and intimidation of doctors and pharmacies that get caught up in their web of deceit and want to stop supplying their products only to be threatened with law suits, as well as the bribery and poaching of FDA officials, false advertising, the creation of terminology, pamplets and leaflets to push their products in Hospitals and surgeries across the United States and the complete refusal to accept the damage their products are doing to the people that use them and the wider community.

In this series which is based on facts we get to understand the at times terrifying lengths big pharmaceutical companies will go to, in order to further an agenda and make profits, even at the expensive of those they claim, they are aiming to help.




During this period DEA officials observe as the opioid epidemic grows out of proportion in the mining towns and cities first targeted by the Purdue sales teams, even as crime goes to all time high levels, violent crime increases and the prison population almost doubles, the DEA run into numerous obstacles in their investigation into a Pharmaceutical company that has cleverly attempted to keep themselves at a distance from the illegal actions taken on their behalf.

What follows as the team of dedicated law enforcement personal along with DAs go on the offensive is an on going game of Cat and Mouse, to limit Oxicontins distribution of their products and services for almost every moderate form of pain relief, to finding witnesses and whistle blowers that can help them gather the information needed to take on one of the biggest philanthropic families in American History.


Further Reading
Further indebt reading along with a full brake down of the plot, all star cast line up and basicially everyone invovled can be found on Wikipedia Here








The original soundtrack consists of numerous well known artists and bands, such as Wayfaring Stranger by Johnny Cash as the title song of the series as well as a host of well known bands such a Radio, to many to mention in this section without making a novel of the review

A complete breakdown of the Artists, Bands and Song titles can be found on Soundtrackradar




Exploring the epicentre of America's struggle with opioid addiction, from the boardrooms of Purdue Pharma, to a distressed Virginia mining community and to the hallways of the DEA.

Dopesick Synopsis was taken from Presearch:

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The series is a well paced graphic and factual account of how Big Pharma was allowed to the circumvent procedures put in place to protect the public, through the use and employ of criminal methods designed to deceive the very people trying to help those suffering serious pain related problems.


Dopesick is a gripping TV series and was very well produced and directed, with a strong cast and excellently executed narrative and dialogue, a very enjoyable and convincing watch for everyone.

Whether you like the genre or not this story opens your eyes to the dangers of trusting the powers that be to have your best interests at heart especially when it comes to any form of medical intervention.

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