Are we at a point where our curation no longer matters. Plus Pobpunks update

On reading numerous recent posts I am beginning to realise that some people fail to understand the importance of curation rewards, yes it is good to give back a percentage of your upvote to posts that you feel are worthy of your time.

To honest original content, but there is so much regurgitated crap being posted that we need to take a step back and observe that which is worthy and that which is crap.

We have all worked extremely hard to earn and stake tokens, sometimes against the odds when it comes to those that simply expect our votes because they where those that portrayed influence on us at the beginning but never returned a single vote, read your content or even engaged with your articles, posts etc, yet these people continue to profit from your hard work, because you naively believe you should upvote and engage with them.


It is time we focused on the tribes and tokens that have been there for us, the users and communities that responded, engaged, upvoted and supported your work when at times nobody else did...


Currently there is a culture of circle jerking on hive and you ain't in that club, how many times, can you honestly say you where upvoted, commented or engaged in what has been going on, I know I have never been, but I also know I can clearly see those that are, I tend to use my curation on the platforms people and front ends that add value to the content I personally create as each person can equally argue.

In saying that I think it is important that we each re-evaluate those we follow, those we engage with and those who's content we enjoy reading before we willy nilly offer up the curation rewards we have fought hard to earn.

Sometimes it is better to evaluate the content you upvote rather than wasting your curation rewards on those that are less deserving. as @onealfa has clearly pointed out in his My msg to token MILKERS which draws our attention to those that consistantly use tags to earn multiple rewards while offering no extra value. NO Engagement, No Communication.

Are we willing to continue to engage and curate those that don't offer you a second glance, I Know I am Not, have any of those upvoted, commented or engaged, replied to you, I bet many have not.

Engagement is a two way streak, It's time you concentrated your time on building the communities and friendships on the platforms you use, upvoting the content on #pob and #vyb if that is where you spend your time.

One thing I don't believe is @onealfa's belief that proof of brain is dead as you will notice from my recent staking as is evident in @aslehansen's recent Movers and shakers poll.

I am all in on the three top positions

  1. I am No.1 The Biggest mover
  2. I am No.1 The Biggest shaker
  3. And Only second behind the biggest staker which is @richardcrill

Yes I agree that my recent Pobpunks NFT collection release on the Pob NFT marketplace and the amazing support from @richardcrill @mineopoly @caluman @proofofbrainio , @trostparadox @scholaris.pob and @vikbuddy which resulted in phenominal sales has resulted in this growth, but this only opens up avenues and proves that #Pob is still a strong contender amongst hive tribes if you are willing to put in the time and effort

This weeks official Pobpunks and 2nd edition post will be slightly delayed because of family issues although numerous 2nd edition Pobpunks will continuously be released from now until that post is released and beyond, including some radical as yet unseen or unreleased #Pobpunks NFTs


Just some feedback on recent sales to keep you motivated.





Each Pobpunks edition will rise in value by 10% those that are wise enough to buy early editions will see their value rise by at least 10% EACH WEEK



There are still a handful left at the current price of 30 POB, not many and as of 6pm GMT Tomorrow Saturday 15th January 2022 these prices will rise to 33 POB, so grab them while you can before the rush.

I do hope that we can see early Pobpunk familia taking up what is left, if not, I can only reiterate this significance.

I will however create an addition Pobpunks post, but as I said it may be delayed, so I am going to tag those that are Pobpunk familia to ensure that you guys are aware of the opportunites before we hit the stratousphere......

Copyright Notice
The above images and gifs are the copyright ownership of #Pobpunks #Vyberman 2021-2022 and @jaxsonmurph and may not be used without written consent of the owner/creator.

Final Notes
A big thank you to everybody that has been a part of this journey from the start, Pobpunks is a community initiative and you are all a big part of the Pobpunks Familia, from engagement to collaborations and fictionalised character creations.

You guys know who you are but I am tagging you anyway so you can share the excitement as we start the next chapter of the Pobpunks Familia together, each of you that has earned a Pobpunks NFT from me through Atomic Hub and the Wax blockchain, will recieve an additional NFT here on the Hive blockchain via the Pob NFT Marketplace within days of the launch, I look forward to engaging further as we take the next leap into the abyss @samsmith1971 @djjourneyman23 @vikbuddy @alovely088 @wrestlingdesires @chincoculbert @funshee @mayorkeys @heskay @subidu @esperosh1ve @khaleesii @young-boss-karin @samostically @b0s @princessj190 @wrestlingdesires @ifarmgirl @andy-plays @doziekash @ozohu @baned @mineopoly

Join me for further updates on any of the following platforms, oh and say hi Vyberman don't bite good people Rarrrgh....

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