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If you are a professional trader, or at least someone who is connected to this area in some way, you know or have heard about the trading modalities. If you don´t know, you will understand more or less how it works, and what´s the best, here.

There are several types of trading. Scalping, day trading, swing trade, long trade, and so on. Even the buy and hold mode, which is basically the last stage, where the person holds the asset indefinitely.

Before telling you which is the best modality of all, it is important to comment that there is no complex difference between them, only, the time that each lasts. Scalping is the fastest modality of all, which can take a few seconds to a few minutes and buy and hold the longest, which can take years.

The day trade is made on the same day, that is, both the purchase and the sale of the asset, take place within a maximum period of 24 hours. As you can see the logic here, the time increases depending on the modality. The swing trade can take a few days, sometimes a week or a little longer.

Now you can think: “Okay, if the difference is only in duration, then there’s nothing much, I can choose at random”. In fact, it is not quite like that.

If the dog is man's best friend, time is the trader's best friend.

That's because, history has already shown that many people have already done well in the world of cryptocurrencies, just playing well with time. And looking back we can find the evidence of this.

Everyone knows that trading is a high risk business, there is never a 100% certainty that the move will work. So, from now on it is my personal opinion, according to my experience, and with what I observe in the market.

If we think that the best strategy or modality is the one that gives the most profits, then I can say that the best strategy of all is buy and hold.

Just to give you a few examples, Ethereum, Litecoin, and of course bitcoin itself, are examples of how buy and hold can be very profitable, so profitable that you could get rich, if you bought them in the beginning.

"Everyone has heard about 10,000 bitcoins pizza, and you know what that means today kkkk"

Okay, that's all for me, bye.
Kkkk joke

Of course, we cannot live on buy and hold, because as I said, it is a high-risk business, and maintaining risk and uncertainty for long periods without having a way of insuring yourself in the present is suicide.

I mean, that for me, buy and hold is the best form of investment, because you can completely change your portfolio if you do it with the right currencies, but for that it also requires knowing how to analyze projects well and distinguish which ones are promising, which ones are shitcoins.

Now if we think about it in the short term, because being honest, everyone likes a good profit every month, so the place goes to the swing trade. My vote goes to the swing trade, because the time it takes, allows for a more comprehensive movement of currency prices, than in the day trade or scalping and consequently more profit, except, of course, of pumps.

There, this is it for me: Buy and hold, and Swing trade.

Just look at the assets, which are promising projects in the case of buy and hold, and just look at the assets that have good volatility and a good trading volume for the swing trade. That's how I live.

How do you live? Leave your opinion below, on the subject, thank you for reading.

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