Best way to learn and practice trading crypto for newbies

Best way to learn and practice trading crypto for newbies

By Divljo | Div | 7 Jul 2020

In this blog post I will show you the best way to learn and practise trading cryptocoins. It's a fantasy app in which you can trade crypto for free and earn real prizes. 


It's Altcoin Fantasy, it's based on uphold prices and you can buy and sell coins in real time with real prizes but with virtual money. After you downoald it from playstore or  from here.


How to play? 


All you need is to make a free account or to register with Facebook or Google. After that, you have short tutorial and they put you in your first tournament where fun begins. You are put with other new players and you have your base money of 10000$ to spend. Every tournament have its time and you need to have biggest  earning in that time. As you can see you have there your cash, percentage gain, net worth and time left. You need to have the biggest net worth In your tournament to win. After you finish your newbie tournament you have some free tournaments and some that you need to pay with in-game currency. Some have real cash rewards and others in game rewards. 




I think this is the best way to practise training and to avoid mistakes that every newbie makes on the real market. You can prepare yourself before you go and invest your money in the real world.


If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment and if you are interested we can make our own tournament. Let me now in the comments. 

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