Retirement In Your 30s, Start Investing Early

When Should You Start Thinking About Retirement?

Retirement has never been taught in any education system surprisingly despite the importance of it. Some knew that it probably could be a conspiracy because teaching one about financial literacy would be disadvantage to the government. There are still people who have never believe that retiring early is possible. These people never start planning retirement early. There are also another group of people who believe the otherwise, early retirement.


I Wish That There Is Another Word For Work That Has A Definition Of Doing Something That You Like But Also Earning At The Same Time

Most of us would think that retirement means having large amount of money to spend on trips and vacations, spending money mindlessly and living a carefree life. However, this is far from the truth. That kind of retirement life is unrealistic and would never be possible because it isn’t sustainable in the first place. If you do not come from a rich family in the first place, such life would never be possible unless you are really talented in having your own businesses.


In an average working adult point of view, setting realistic retirement goals is important for yourself to start working on it early. Retirement doesn’t have to mean that you are not doing anything at all and rotting your life away. Retirement life could be doing the business or job that you always wanted, not thinking about how much you are earning. Could seem like you’re working but in fact you’re enjoying the work and earning a small or even decent amount of salary. Work that gives you purpose in life and also add values to others. Travelling the world a few times every year and living sustainably. All these could still fall under a retired life. I wish that there is another word for work that has a definition of doing something that you like but also earning at the same time.


Start Thinking Towards It On Day 1

Therefore, you should start working towards it early. In fact, you should actually have the mindset of saving up for early retirement since day 1 when you started working. I believe that if one is open to such retirement lifestyle I’ve mentioned above, it is likely possible to achieve early retirement. The difference between saving for your retirement in 20s and a decade later is too huge and would be too much to lose due to the power of compounding. If others could retire in their 30s or 60s, it does not mean you should also retire at the same time. Set your own retirement timeframe and goals. One not risking to invest would have more risks than one who invests.


Disruptive Investments Could Accelerate Your Retirement Goals

With the existing and upcoming financial investing interments like crypto currencies and emerging disruptive technology growth stocks, one should explore those as an options to get started. The best way to start accumulating for retirement is to research disruptive investments for its high yield opportunities before moving it to safer investments once you have a decent amount of liquidity. Remember to always do your own diligence before investing.


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All of these are merely my knowledge and not financial advice. Please do your own due diligence and have conviction before investing. The information above is based on many hours of research out of my own curiosity/interest in YouTube, Google, blogs and discord communities. Leveraging & filtering information from other crypto enthusiasts and analysts.



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