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Rising of Blockchain Eco-systems & Metaverse in 2022

We’ve seen very bullish growth of crypto, NFTs, blockchains, defi and gamefi in 2021. Just based on defi itself, it has over 252bil TVL is shown below. The same bullish market sentiment applies to the rest.

Defi Llama

(Defi Llama Dashboard)



There are going to have many upcoming gamefi projects in the upcoming 2022. Axis Infinity is the OG/spearhead of gamefi. We all know that the game design isn’t great for Axis but however it still attracted a lot of users because of its play-to-earn concept. Gamefi will be better than ever because of all the other existing utilities from crypto to defi to NFTs. Game developers from traditional games would be there to work on gamefi projects to build an improved version of Axis. Rome Dao is an example.

RomeDao is a 3d game where it incorporates NFTs/rebasing(ohms fork)/defi concept for users to play, earn, stake and do bonding with Rome tokens.

This is just one of many gamefi projects. There are other utilities built around gamefi as well such as which will become the steam platform for crypto. Traditional games such as Dota, Candy crush, etc would see this as an opportunity to jump into the ultra platform. There’s news of Left 4 Dead game team would onboard

As of now, the trend would be towards the gamefi+NFTs staking concept. Where players could play the game and be incentivised with tokens and NFTs. These NFTs would be allowed to stake for higher yield. It could also be used as collateral. Thus, NFTs with utility would be bullish and trending.


Metaverse has already taken place as many singing/DJ artist like Travis Scott, marshmallow, Justin Bieber, etc has held VR concert. However, there will be more to come as Metaverse is still at its very early stage because it’s the same for the rest too. All these utilities that are built upon crypto, NFTs, defi, etc will be the determinants on the outcome of how the Metaverse ecosystem will be in the coming future. The existing ecosystems will be built on top of one another to build a solid foundation. It would still be too early for gamefi to be built upon it as of now. Gamefi+NFTs will most likely be built on web 3.0 first before evolving into something greater.

Forward with 2022

2021 was a clusterfxxk of defi protocols such as uniswap, pancakeswap, anchor, etc. 2022 would be a clusterfxxk of sustainable ecosystem with very good utilities. Protocols would be built upon an ecosystem for better brand identity. An ordinary protocol like pancakeswap also known as amm(automated market maker) added into the current crypto market now would be too competitive unless the chain is reliable and good. One example of an existing and upcoming ecosystem would be on the CRO chain network. Utility

( ecosystem on CRO chain)

Few upcoming ecosystems:


Daniele Sestagalli tweet

(Danielle’s tweet and his plans for further growth)

Abracadabra (MIM), Popsicle Finance (ICE), Time Wonderland (TIME), SushiSwap (SUSHI) = Frog Nation

By Danielle Sestagalli


Hector ecosystem

(Hector DAO on fantom chain)

By Prometheus

There would be a lot of potential for such projects that consider having their own ecosystem in the blockchain market. Because it offers a variety of utilities to users which would incentivise them well. Thus, gaining popularity and traction in the market. Marketing strategies for such projects would be very crucial also with frequent AMAs for transparency. A sustainable ecosystem coupled with aggressive marketing would likely strive.

Final Notes

Web 3.0, Crypto, NFTs are progressing so fast. There are many developers from well known tech companies coming into the space to improvise existing protocols with their creativity. MIT students are diving into creating the recent DAOs project after their graduation. Many employees pursue this as their full time career. Due to its interoperability nature coupled with the snowball effect of blockchain creativity, many believe that it’ll replace the traditional financial system eventually.


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Disruptive Technologies Into The Upcoming Decades

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