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By Adrian Castaneda | disruptive_tech | 25 Apr 2022

Despite having stumbled upon Upland a couple times in the past. It was only a couple of days ago that I decided to immerse myself into the Upland Metaverse. I usually study any project before I even decide to join it and Upland hasn't been the exception. So, after reading quite a lot of articles and watching many videos in the last couple of days, I finally decided to join because of two main reasons:

  • I like the game and concept.
  • The potential I see in it.

I see an entertaining blockchain-based game that is developing in a thriving industry that allows us to own digital land and earn yield on properties we own. On top of that we can trade or sell our properties for a profit, or perhaps just keep them because they mean something to us. You can try the game here and get 6,000 UPX (worth $6) to start your journey and buy your first property. 

My goal is to advance in the game as much as I can while I learn all the mechanics to make it a profitable one. This will take me some time as I plan to start playing for free; however if you can't wait, you can purchase some UPX and speed up the process. I will be focusing on how to start for free.    

NOTE: All players start with a "Visitor" status, which allows us to play and buy property. However, to effectively OWN the digital property (NFT), be able to trade it or sale it, we need to become "Uplanders". We reach Uplander status by reaching a Net Worth of at least 10,000 UPX (sum of properties we have purchased + UPX balance). This is 100% achievable starting as a free player. 



To achieve that, here is what I plan to do in the next few days. These steps will not only help reach Uplander status faster but also help us maximize our earnings, and perhaps these steps can be used by others to get a head start:  


1. Use a referral link to join get a double welcome bonus of 6,000 UPX instead of 3,000 UPX.

This will give you a massive advantage as it will set the foundation to a much faster growth. The 6,000 UPX you get when using a referral link will go a long way to buy your first properties and complete  missions, or as Upland calls it: "Collections". Collections will earn you more UPX which you can then use to buy more properties. You may use my referral link to get 6,000 UPX (worth $6 USD) here.



2. After signing up and be given the option to choose a city, choose one where you can get cheap properties (1,000 UPX to 2,500 UPX); you will be able to see the cheapest prices available in each city before selecting one.

There are a few reasons why you want to do this when you start. As I previously mentioned there will be "Collections" you will want to complete as they will earn you UPX bonuses which you need to buy more propertiee and the more properties you own, the easier it will become to complete  collections.


3. Review the "Collections" so you start working towards their completion.

You can check the "Collections" by clicking on the three dots located at the lower part of your main screen regardless of the device you are using to play. Once there, you will be able to see all the available collections along with the rewards you can get by completing them. Working towards claiming the rewards from those initial "collections" should give you additional UPX and the ability to buy at least one more property and get you a lot closer to reaching Uplander status which, as mentioned earlier, will allow you to permanently own your digital land and the ability to trade and sell them in the future. The following image is a screenshot of some collections available to me in the city I picked: Queens, NY.



4. Buy as many properties as you can

Once you are aware of the collections you are trying to complete let's go ahead and buy as many properties as we can. As a new player, I think, our first short-term goal should be to own 3 properties as it will help us claim rewards (UPX) from a few "collections". I would also recommend to buy your first few properties as soon as you spawn in town for the first time, as you usually start in an area with available and more affordable properties for new players. Properties for sale have 2 different colors:

  • 1. Dark Green: Properties put for sale (owned) by other players, usually at a higher price.
  • 2. Light Green: These are the properties you want to focus on. Light green properties are properties that have not been bought by anyone yet, you will be able to buy them at minting price (base/floor price) set by Upland and therefore usually much cheaper than buying from an existing player. 

You will also see some FSA (Fair Start Act) properties which are exclusively reserved for new players and are usually cheaper. Therefore a light green FSA property is probably what you will be looking for when you first start. Once you reach a net worth of 100,000 UPX, you no longer have access to these FSA properties, so choose wisely.


5. Claim daily Login bonuses

As new players we have the ability to claim daily login bonuses. These bonuses can be claimed every 24 hrs. which will add up to 750 UPX weekly if claimed daily. We must claim these rewards if we really want to get ahead in this game. Remember THESE ARE FREE




6. Claim treasures (If possible)

This is something you probably want to take advantage of. Treasures are a once per day UPX bonus which you can claim for free if you find it in the map. In these treasures you will be able to find some free UPX. However, to find the treasure you will probably have to move around the map searching for the box. You can move your "explorer" (your character) to a piece of land you own for free but if the treasure is farther out you will have to SEND your explorer to a piece of land owned by someone else and pay the owner a "visitor a fee" (the fee is determined by the owner of the land and I would suggest you send your explorer to a piece of land that charges less UPX to send your explorer: 20 to 35 UPX. The less fees you pay, the more profitable the treasure you find will be. So do not waste your UPX. Sometimes it is best to wait until you have more properties scattered around the city so you can move around using your properties and avoid paying fees to other players.


7. Lower your Visitor Fee to Maximize visits

As mentioned above, players will have to move around when they are searching for a treasure, and another way we have to earn UPX for free is to have other players choose to move their explorer/character to our land so we can earn the "visitor fee". Setting your visitor fee to a high number might not be a good idea. In my own experience, lowering the visit fee to the minimum will encourage more players to choose your land over other player's land thus generating more UPX for you. 

To change your visitor fee price, select your property, go to the three dots on the top right corner, on the next screen you will click on the option to "set your visitor UPX fee". There, you can lower or increase "visitor fees" for that specific property or for all of your properties at once.



8. Claim Yield from your properties

Lastly, each property you own will start producing UPX once you own it (usually at 17% APY of minting price) and you can claim your rewards every 3 hrs. You don't necessarily need to claim every 3 hours, your earnings will continue to accrue regardless of you claiming them or not.


All of the aforementioned steps will sure help anyone reach Uplander status faster and will help you claim ownership over your digital land and start building wealth through your NFT's in the Upland metaverse.  And if you are a player who is investing in the game, these steps will also help you maximize your earnings in the long run. So hopefully you find this guide useful and make your experience a little more enjoyable. 

Good luck and happy minting. 


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