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By Adrian Castaneda | disruptive_tech | 9 May 2021

CryptoTab Browser, a web browser that allows you to earn BTC while using your browser either in your mobile device or desktop computer. The desktop version is free, click here to download it. The app for your android device can be found in the PlayStore currently priced at $2.99 and sometimes they run discounts and can be found for $.99.

However, I will be providing you with an off the market APK that will let you to download it for free and works just fine. It will save you some money and allow you to generate BTC completely FREE. Scroll down to the bottom to find the link to the APK so you can download it. And don'r worry. It is completely safe.  I will also be providing a screenshot of proof of payment.

As long as you use it to browse it will speed up the amount of Satoshi you get from it. I have been using it for just over a month and have generated almost 5000 Satoshi passively. I just keep using my phone as I always have. However a recommendation I would make, not to enter any private information on there. I just rather enter my important passwords on Chrome directly. However any other browsing I perform, I use CryptoTab Browser. 

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on a desktop computer: 

At the bottom right side you may see the amount mined so far: 4769 SAT. Worth around $2.74 at today's BTC prices.


Remember this will not make you rich, however it will help you make some BTC while doing nothing out of the ordinary. I would suggest you give it a try and confirm it yourself. I have had a great experience with it. And that allows me to feel confident enough to share this with you, readers, hoping this can help someone else, the same way it has helped me. I found CryptoTab Browser about a month ago and I am very grateful I did. The platform is pretty simple to use. It works through Google, therefore is secure and allows you to earn Bitcoin just by running it as your regular browser on your smartphone or pc computer. 


Here is a screenshot of what it looks like on a smartphone: 





There is only one thing you have to keep in mind. Their cloud miner needs to be enabled every 3 hours for it to continue producing BTC. The process is simple. You don’t have to be connected to the internet throughout the three hours your miner mines. If internet connection is a constraint, feel free to just get online to turn it on and then disconnect your device from the internet. You will only need to reconnect to enable your miner every 3 hours. 

In my personal experience, as I have mentioned previously, I have been able to mine a total of 4763 Satoshi, worth about $2.70 USD based on current prices which then I have withdrawn to my Coinbase account. Coinbase is one of the most reputable cryptocurrency exchange out there that allows you to deposit your crypto there. Check it out it you are still in the search for a crypto wallet.

Withdrawals usually take within 4 business days. However my first payment took about 2 weeks. However, up to today. I can certainly say, they pay, and even if it takes a little longer, I have not had any problems whatsoever. 

I would recommend this browser to anyone interested in increasing their position in BTC. Once you have your funds in your account you may exchange it for any other crypto if you want to. I have been constantly exchanging most of my BTC to ETH as I see an upward potential in the short term for ETH. 

Also, If you have a Coinbase account and own or have confidence in ETH I would highly suggest you stake ETH2 using your current ETH. The platform is currently offering a 6% APR on any ETH you stake, which is pretty high, not mentioning the potential ETH has in the short term. I am not a financial advisor but I believe and have the confidence that ETH will go all the way up to 10K per coin. I bought in a little late at around $1,900 per coin, but ever since ETH has gone up over 100% and I truly believe I can 4x my investment. 

Anyone investing in ETH right now at current prices I believe has a potential to more than double their investment. I see a 150% growth potential within the next month or so. Just my opinion. On top of that, Staking would rewards you with an additional 6% on top of capital gains. So Take advantage of this. However, as usual, please do your own due diligence and make sure you understand what you are investing on. 

With that being said, I hope this article helps some of you who might be wondering if ETH is a good investment. Current prices are not optimal. However, if you are looking for a fairly stable coin in the crypto space, I would say ETH is your asset. 

Happy mining and great investments everyone.  


CryptoTab Browser Desktop Version Link: 


CryptoTab Browser Pro (smartphone version) Download Link: 


Coinbase Sign up Link:



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