Introducing VITE WALLET and Passive Income with STAKE

By recepaliaslan | discoverydetails | 17 Apr 2020

  Hello my dear friends;

In January 2017, I met cryptocurrencies. With the knowledge and experiences I have gained, the researches I have made, the things I have gained and the ones I have lost, I decided to inspire you, the valuable cryptocurrency family. This post is my first blog experience, so I expect constructive support from you.


Vite Wallet is a unique custody, buy-sell, swap, stake, node and dividends platform developed by Vitex Exchange.

Wallet interface

You can buy and sell using BTC, ETH, VITE, USDT Markets, as well as earn extra income with VX Token mining.



  • VX TOKEN is the 2nd coin of the Vitex platform. Please review the token distribution and amount in the image below. How is VX distributed?

    Since the VX mining function went live on September 9, we are still gathering data for how best to implement VX distribution.

    Trading, Referring and Listing 60% of VX released daily will be distributed to traders who mine within this category. There are currently four markets: BTC, ETH, VITE and USDT. Each market will account for 15% of the daily VX distribution. Staking 20% of VX released daily will be distributed to users who mine within this category. Market-Making 10% of VX released daily will be distributed to traders who create orders.

    The remaining 10% goes towards the ​ViteX Reserve.

    Source: VITEX

    3 - STAKE and Dividends Awards

    For VITE TOKEN (Min: 1000 VITE) that you stake on the Vite platform, a 20% reserved VX TOKEN reward is paid to your daily account. There is no lock. Instant changes are made.


    By making stakes on VX Tokens in your account, you will receive daily dividends. I earn daily dividends by making a VITE stake reward VX Tokens stake again. This gives me the opportunity to increase two passive gains by effect of a snowball.


    4 - Reference Awards:

    Here we come across an interesting system, dear friends. You are asked to pay 1000 VITE TOKEN (About $10) to get the referral reward. With this fee you pay, your unique code is created and you earn from the commission payments you invite. In fact, it is not sustainable for the platform, but it is acceptable for recommendations with high throughput.


    5 - RESULT:

    VITE, a BINANCE EX listed token, is promising to me. It can be preferred as it is safe and fast as a platform. I found it valuable because it was the passive gain that really interests me. VITE can surprise in the long run, as its market diversity is low and not impressive in volume.

    I am thinking of writing a second article for you that includes my investments and earnings on this platform. I will be subjective, I will be clear what is profit and loss.

    This blog was a first for me. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your time and reading. Anyone who reads this article will love and make me very happy. My goal is to collect at least $50 tips.🤣 We drink coffee together.

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