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HORIZEN FAUCET New Features and Extra Rewards

By recepaliaslan | discoverydetails | 20 Apr 2020

       Hello my dear friends, How are you today?

I have news about new features about ZEN FAUCET for you special people. I prepared informational to earn more rewards. I wish you a pleasant reading.

From the first day, I request a full reward and fast payments are made to my account. In this article, I will not tell you about HORIZEN. I will only remind you briefly. Many of you already know about HORIZEN. I give links for those who do not know, you can get detailed information from here.

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 1 - What is the Horizen?

Horizen is an inclusive ecosystem where everyone is empowered and rewarded for their contributions.

Horizen’s massively scalable platform enables businesses and developers to quickly and affordably create their own public or private blockchains on the largest node network in the industry. Horizen’s Sidechain SDK provides all necessary components for easy and fast deployment of a fully customizable blockchain.

2 - What is Horizen Faucet?

The Horizen team consists of a hardworking and generous team. They found a very simple method for the development and introduction of the system. Generous payments are made to community members and ZEN coin supporters every 20 hours. You can win this prize every day. Several social account approvals are required to increase the amount of rewards.

Twitter + 1x

Facebook + 1.2x

Linkedin + 1.9x

If you add your profile link by following Horizen social media posts from these social accounts, you will gain additional multiplier for this.

The first thing you need to do is register with my link and make email confirmation.

My Link :

Registering with this link allows you to support me seriously during these days when I have financial difficulties due to COVID19. Thank you very much for this in advance.🙏

You have received email confirmation, how are you going to make a daily request now?

  • You need to download Sphere wallet or mobile wallet. You can receive a reward for the Binance ZEN address, but you cannot confirm the address.
  • Back up the wallet you decide to use for the reward and keep the private key.
  • Copy your ZEN address and go back to the FAUCET page, paste and confirm your address in the appropriate section. ( Videos are available for address confirmation. You can watch the videos carefully and take action. This is very easy. )
  • Follow the Horizen official Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin social media accounts and connect your profile link using the Extra Rewards page.
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  • Go back to the claim page and claim your reward.


  • With the newly added extra reward option ZEN HODL, you can request more. For this, max in your faucet address Just hold 10 ZEN. An extremely attractive offer to get an extra 3x multiplier.
  • For 5 consecutive days you will receive 1 bonus round for the claim. When it is 5 star yellow color, 3 ZEN coin becomes green color. You can request when you press on it.
  • Rewards:
  • 0.00256 ZEN
  • 0.1 ZEN
  • 1 ZEN


If you download BRAVE BROWSER and make your faucet requests with Brave to gain extra multiplier out of all these transactions, you will receive 20% more reward.

Brave Browser link :

If you are not a Brave Browser user yet, please use my link for much more.

That's all I have to say about ZEN FAUCET. Apart from that, I recommend you to examine HORIZEN Secure Node and HORIZEN Super Node solutions.



He says a proverb that I love so much; Drop by drop becomes lake. We are experiencing both health and financial concerns in these challenging days. I demand health and happiness for everyone, wherever in the world. We need each other very much today. Apart from all that, staying at home can sometimes be very boring. Such quality campaigns and rewards can support us in due time. I hope it was an enjoyable reading. I hope I will be useful to you. If you like my writing a lot, be happy to tip it. 

Thank you very much for following me and spending your valuable time reading my article. Hope to see you again, goodbye.

Zen Faucet link :

Brave Browser link:


My Zen TIP Address: zngj4cGMhL76N5UuqnqTt6M1V6VP7AogjSp

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