¿What is a Ponzi system?

By GenesisFinanzas | discovering | 17 Aug 2023



A Ponzi system is an investment that we make on any platform or physically that ends in scam or fraud, where the payment made to the first investors is collected from the new investors, creating an unsustainable vicious circle over time.

It is called Ponzi schemes, because it derives from the misdeeds carried out by a famous Italian criminal named Carlos Ponzi, who lived in the United States in the 20s, which produced the fraud of many innocent people, and throughout our history this has been a highly publicized issue such as the Madoff case, which was the most popular scam in history where it deceitfully obtained more than 60,000 million dollars.

Remember that the scammers that represent this type of scheme will always put you as the winner, obtaining a lot of money in a short time (remember that nothing in life is easy and less making money) take care of these types of people in their Social networks: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, which is where we can find them the most.

Normally when someone makes you an offer that seems too good, it could be a Ponzi scheme, I show you how to identify them:
1) They offer high returns with "low risk"
2) They are advertised through social networks or in many cases an innocent friend who has already fallen recommends it to you.
3) They look for people with little experience in the field of finance.
4) They look for enterprising people who are not afraid of risks.
5) First they will talk to you for a long time about their "successes" and then in a short space of time they will tell you what their objective is.

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