Why you should use PipeFlare faucet

Why you should use PipeFlare faucet

Hi there, 

I have plenty of time these days so I'd like to show you one of the best faucets I'm using for months. Its name is PipeFlare and it allows to claim ZCASH and DOGE every day. 

But the thing I like the most is that tokens are directly sent to your wallet without any minimum payout to reach. Of course, we're not talking about becoming rich here, but it's a really nice opportunity to make your balance grow little by little.


Pipeflare dashboard

This will be your dashboard. Pretty easy to use, it shows all the buttons you need in one page, so you don't need to open different tabs to claim your tokens. Most important, the platform doesn't shows many ads like some other faucets, so the process is super quick. Pipeflare multiplier

On the left side you'll see you Social Multiplier. In fact, PipeFlare allows its users to multiply by 0,2x, 1x, 1,2x, 1,5x just by linking their social media accounts. I strongly recommend you to do this cause without these multipliers the claim wouldn't be so high. 

Pipeflare referral multiplier

On the right side you'll find your referral link and your referral multiplier. Of course, doing referrals is not easy as linking your social media account, but it is a pretty nice chance to increase more and more your income by using the faucet. By having 25 referrals on your first tier you can get a nice 1,75x multiplier, which will be added to all the other ones. Anyway, referral program works and 4 tiers which makes the creation of a network way easier.

Pipeflare referral tier

You'll have 4 tiers at your disposal which are characterized by really high percentages. 1st tier gives you 50% of the claim of your referrals, going down to 30% for the 2nd, 20% on the 3rd and 10% on the 4th tier. By the way, if you create a large network you could get the master level which gives you a high 100% on the 1st tier, 60% on the 2nd, 40% on the 3rd and 20% on the 4th tier. This would be a really nice level to reach which could allow you to create a total passive income just by having your referrals claim every day. 

As you can see, there is also a monthly rank which is really interesting. The more referral you make, the bigger is the chance to win a prize from 350$ (1st rank) to 5% (10th rank). So, creating a network on PipeFlare could be the key to get some nice money at the end of the month.

Referrals earnings are paid every 1st and 15th of the month. Just when you reach 0.0002 ZEC earnings, they will be automatically sent to the address you set. 

Daily Rewards


Pipeflare daily multiplier

But it's not finished here :) PipeFlare also offers a good daily multiplier. This is the easiest one, you only need to claim daily in order to receive a 1.05x multiplier on the first 5 days. Then, on the 6th day you get a bonus spin which offers the chance to win 5$ in ZCASH, and a nice 2x,2,5x,3x,3,5x multiplier at every end of the weeks :)

But how do I claim everyday without wasting time? Nothing easier!

Pipeflare claim

Just go on your dashboard, set your ZCASH/DOGE address on the right, and click on claim. Then you have to solve a little captcha like this below.

Pipeflare captcha

So now your tokens are on their way to your wallet! Here you can find some of my daily claims!

If you like, you can register on my PipeFlare yousing my referral link by clicking here :)

PipeFlare earnings

Last but not least, soon I'll write another post on PipeFlare where I explain how you could earn by playing games on this wonderful platform!

Let me know if you already now this, and what do you think about it :)

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