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By GoInvest | Discovercryptowithmike | 13 May 2021


These days markets are deep red, and I don't even wanna talk about it lol 

I lost almost 15% of my portfolio because of our beloved Elon Musk, and we'll know this is just a speculative move to buy the dip, isn't?

But that's not what I wanna talk about today :) 

Fortunately, I love to diversify my passive and online income, so I am registered on a wide variety of platforms and, each of them helps me to get a little bit of the so-called ''financial freedom'', but I am still a lot far away from it.

So, the platform is called AI Marketing, and I already introduced it to you on January here.

Yet, I was still an early bird when I wrote about it. Now, 4 months have passed, and Ai Marketing is blowing out my mind :D

AI Marketing in short

So, as I explained in my previous article, AI Marketing works this way:

  • The system examines social media trends and once the results are gathered, they are used to choose keywords in order to launch online advertisements afterward
  • The marketing team sorts advertisements based on various trends via Google AdWords, Yandex Direct, and various social media. 
  • After customers who are attracted by the advertisements purchase a product, the cashback program company gets a cashback that will pop up directly ''pending'' on your account.
  • Once the purchase is confirmed, i.e. after the customer does not ask for a refund, AI Marketing company receives 45% of the total cashback, whilst you will receive 55%. Once you receive your cashback on the wallet, it can take between 16 and 60 days before the status changes from ''pending'' to ''cashback''. 

How much did I earn by investing in the platform?

So far, I did a little bit of accounting about my earnings on the platform, and I can tell that even if they say that the average return is 25-35% on your initial investment, I earned like 45-55%!!


ai marketing

So, let's start from the beginning!

I started in January with the 50$ bonus they give you by signing up through a ref link, and a 50$ of investment. The 50$ bonus has to be given back in order to withdraw your money from the platform (you still take the revenue made from it). Also, be careful on the first withdraw/reinvest, cause it has to be at least 100$. 

That's why I invested 50$ (50 bonus + my 50 became 150, so I could give 50 back and reinvest 100, also doing making 2 referrals which brought my like 5-10 dollars). 

Anyway, I started with a total of 50$ and reinvested it every time I could (sometimes the platform gives you a 10% bonus on your reinvestment, so it's even more convenient!). This way a generated a REAL passive income and a way to escape from big losses like the ones I got these days, which were pretty bad, but I still try not to cry lol.

More or less, I generated more than 250$ with an investment of only 50$ (the screenshots says 400$ because it takes into account everything from the beginning)

Besides, I also withdraw from, a partner of AI Marketing, which I suggest you use if you want to register on it. 


ai marketing

To do so, just click on the little brain you find when you land on AI Marketing page. This way, you'll be registered both on AI Marketing and on By doing this, will provide you with another 5% on the deposits of your network, and will make you happy by giving some bonuses when reaching a total number of referrals under your network.

I didn't even know this, but I somehow got commissions even from referrals under my referrals, and just found 30$ in my wallet. So I got the advantage of Bitcoin dip and withdrew them. 


I suggest you withdraw in Bitcoin because of the fees and then convert them on some exchanges like Binance to save some money. 

What else?

Ah, yes. AI Marketing can seem like an HYIP, but it's been pretty transparent and clear about everything. They also have a Telegram group where they publish every maintenance period, announcement, and news.

They also created a physical cashback card, which reached 500.000 pre-orders in less than a week. So, so far it seems to be really legit, and I really hope it lasts for a lifetime!

When my pending earnings will be withdrawable I will withdraw half of them, just to get my investment back plus a little profit (I already withdrew 20$, so I'll get like 150$ profit easily). This will be done just to be sure, and I'll continue by investing the rest of the money that will be left inside the platform.


OF COURSE, any of this is financial advice. I wrote and I'll continue to write about my journey on AI Marketing just to take track of my earnings and just to share with you my experience. The only advice I could leave you with is to DIVERSIFY your earnings. NEVER GO ALL-IN on crypto, on a platform, on gambling, or whatever you like to invest in, please. Just do this as a favor for me! :) 

Remember 2 things: diversification is the key, and never invest what you're not ready to lose.


If you liked this or have any question about the topic, feel free to ask in the comments :) Thank you for reading!

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