The Tower: Act IV ~ Renaissance

The Tower: Act IV ~ Renaissance

By Dis0ri3nted | Dis0ri3nted | 4 Apr 2020

I despoil my sword

As I move up this prison

In this unnatural place

All evils' arisen


But the tides have been turned

My resolve now returned

Now these demons secede

While others lay slain


It is here I end

This tower's cursed reign


Searching for the marionette master

The one pulling the wires

In the top of this tower

The last chamber of liars


Excruciating, exhilarating, endless pain

My plague has wrought upon this plane

Unwavering, irregular, urgent volition

Has brought me here to bring an end

To this monument's ambition


I strike down this creator

And end his unholy campaign

No more can I do

To wash away this stain


With this evil's last breath

When this demon's life ends

I feel a weight lifted

And seems all life suspends


Once I was lost

Now I feel found

I begin to transcend

From this collapsing compound


No more can this tomb

Haunt this world

No more can this monolith



Now this tower has fallen

The rubble bittersweet

I see that this tower was me

Whom I had to defeat.

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Amateur Author, Poet.


Poems and Short Stories (when I finish them lol) with pictures I have taken myself along my journeys. Some of these poems were from 10 years or so ago when I was a young very angst-y teenager Life is much better now and can better understand myself, so newer poems won't be quite as... dark.

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