The Tower: Act II ~ Sciamachy

The Tower: Act II ~ Sciamachy

By Dis0ri3nted | Dis0ri3nted | 21 Feb 2020

The Tower has taken

All that I love

These demons, I'll awaken

In the Tower above


Break down the gates

Where my enemy awaits

Up through this cage

Where my purpose, becomes rage


My spirits be twisted

My anger enlisted

To the highest reaches of this tower

I Will Ascend


But my creed is devoured

My death I portend

The demons surround

No turning around


I strike and I swing

But my blade never stings

Cutting through the air

Stuck in this nightmare


Can't find my way out

Heart filling with doubt


To protect what was left

I had gone on this quest

To the Tower I came

Now I fear, all in vain



This is the second piece of this series of poems I have written. 

As I mentioned before these stories told through poetry were all very much inspired by my personal life experience, and Stephan King's The Dark Tower series. I would also like to give a big shout out to the tech/death metal band Tethys, their latest single (as of the time of writing this) "This Too Shall Pass" gave me the inspirational push to finish putting my feelings into words.  

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Amateur Author, Poet.


Poems and Short Stories (when I finish them lol) with pictures I have taken myself along my journeys. Some of these poems were from 10 years or so ago when I was a young very angst-y teenager Life is much better now and can better understand myself, so newer poems won't be quite as... dark.

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