Quick Crypto Tip - Mining... Uh..... Yeah....

Quick Crypto Tip!

So you have an old laptops and maybe a few old desktops sitting around you think you might turn into MINERS to grab that easy coin, right.....

As an experiment, I got my hands on two spare servers, 5-6 years old, Dual quad-core CPUs, plenty of memory! Figured what the heck they should be okay for CPU mining. Not so much...  

I installed stripped down versions of Windows 10 on them, installed xmrig and went to town! Tried a few days at XMR, word is its the easiest to CPU mine....  They mined!  But to reach a payout from the pool would take about 4 years, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week...  

Then I figured I'd try DOGE, same results after a few days...

TRON was a bit better because of the Super Representative pool shares. But still electricity costs more than these machine could turn out...

I figured I'd throw linux on them and see if it produced any better returns...  Nope....

While all this has been going on, I also setup the Crytotab browser everyone is pushing on my phone and my desktop at home, and work. I am getting a bit over $1 a week in BTC into my wallet!!! Not bad huh? It is based on Chrome so all your extension and such will synch right over.

So I installed it on two more old desktops I had sitting that I use to keep an eye on things at work with and just left the browser open and mining in the back ground. Thats adding to it too!

So if you want to try mining, go for it! But the quickest way for you to get to some return with little effort is to use CryptoTab.

Go download it, install it and login to your gmail or facebook. Turn on the mining tab, and then install it on your phone too!

They are running a special right now where new miners get a "Cloud Boost" for free to double your "mining" at no cost to you

Its FREE MONEY! Get it going today!

But I have not given up on these old servers yet...  I am going virtualize a couple machines on one of them and see what happens...  Look for an update on that side project in the near future!




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Dipping your toes into Crypto
Dipping your toes into Crypto

Slow down there Hot Rod! If you do this slow and steady you WILL benefit! But if you go like mad you will go mad! Here are some bits-o-knowing I have experienced. When I find a GOOD I will share it. When I find a BAD you better believe I'll share it!

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