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By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 7 Jun 2019

Hello everyone, today we will get acquainted with the project that will be in demand, as it is already making a profit! And with the development of technology and team ideas, we will see in the near future the seizure of the market and the growth of the coin! This is my opinion, study and make a decision while there is still time until May 15 (there is a bounty company for those who do not like to invest their money.)



To activate your personal account you have to spend 10 euros (put tokens on STACK and start earning.)
** Miracle Tele - a startup on the Ethereum blockchain! The telecommunications industry is a very profitable niche and competitive, in the near future it will also go to the block! **


The Miracle Tele team offers us excellent conditions:

New communication standard !! Unlimited calls within the country, international calls, low-cost basic services, cheap roaming, pay interest to the owners of TELE tokens every 2 weeks, in the amount of 10% of the contribution !!!

MiracleTele aims to reach about 1 billion people in 163 countries.

The company sends all cards to customers for 10 euros. Order from your personal account on the official website (Website: Miracle Tele offers the service of purchasing the selected SIM-card number. The alternative is a toll-free number.
Regional tariff MiracleTele - from 1 euro per month.
Miracle Tele SIM cards will support (Whatsapp and Telegram.)
There is a negative balance limit.
Depositing and withdrawing funds is carried out in the platform account (via the toolbar.)

** ICO stage **
The first (completed) cost of the token was 0.13 euros.
The second (started on January 14, 19, to April 14, 19.) The cost of TELE is 0.15 euros.
The third and fourth periods will pass from (April 15 to July 14 and from July 15 to October 15 of the current year.) The price of the token periods is 0.2 and 0.22 euros respectively.
The fifth ICO period TELE cost will reach 0.25 euros.
The minimum purchase package token from Miracle - 100 units. Fiat equivalent of a contribution of 10-15 euros.


The startup plans to develop technologies Sharding and Plasma - to increase the throughput of transaction processing.
A spare option is the introduction of ready-to-use technology Graphene, which has been operating since 2015. A new node is solved every 3 seconds. Such well-known systems are built on Graphene: ** Steem and Golos **, Peerplay, BitShares!

p.s Only one conclusion - it is worth participating in the project !!! Profit will be if the team does not stop in development, cellular communication in the world takes a tidbit! The advantages of the project are visible. Good luck and profit to all!

Useful links MiracleTele:
Official website:
White paper (WhitePaper):
Facebook Page:
Twitter page:

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