Distribution from the cool project SherpaX! AIRDROP!

Distribution from the cool project SherpaX! AIRDROP!

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 14 Jan 2021

Hello friends! New distribution for you!
⚡️Distribution from the cool project SherpaX

💰 Everyone who gets 120+ points will receive an award - 2 KSX.

Also, 100 lucky people will receive a 5% KSX bonus (something like Karura)


📌Getting to execution:

👁‍🗨Follow the link - CLICK

(https://share-w.in/47u43y-22334) We carry out tasks with Twitter and other social networks
➖ We enter the address of the KSM wallet, you can take it from the PolkaWallet mobile wallet (where Karura was)
➖ We also enter the Chainx wallet address, you can create it here

(https://dapps.chainx.org/#/accounts) The giveaway will end on January 25, 2021.
This distribution is from the Polkadot ecosystem project, recently there was a similar distribution from Karura, all awards have been awarded

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