Countdown to listing on Uniswap HiDollars.

Countdown to listing on Uniswap HiDollars.

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 5 Aug 2021

Hello everyone, do not miss the opportunity Let's get hi together while it is distributed without investment!


The main reason why I'm here: 

1. (29/07/2021) HiDollars has officially become a recognized crypto project with audit by Certik

2. Sponsored investments from,,, JP Morgan.

3. The project includes TOP funds - Hashed, Hashkey, and this is its big difference from competitors! Famous founders from famous!

Registration link:

Check out the article and how to register to get HiDollars without investment:


HiDollars has officially become a recognized crypto project with audit by Certik.Earn up to 20% per annum!!!


Bitconnect vs Hi Dollar! Is Hi Dollar Legit or a Scam?


What are they doing?

These are the world's most scalable inclusive technologies to maximize human potential. Built on blockchain and powered by our member token hi Dollar, the future of money on the internet.

1. Unlimited possibilities

Bitcoin has grown 60,000 times over the past 10 years. With a projected base of over 1 billion members over the next 24 months, the hi dollar token is your key to the hi ecosystem

2. Unimpeded experience

Sign up for hi in seconds and gain access to a world of new experiences. Starting as non-commercial banking, you can buy, send, and withdraw crypto and fiat currencies through Telegram, WhatsApp, and more.

3.Experienced and proven team

It consists of entrepreneurs, managers, technologists and thinkers from:


The road to 1 billion members
This is just the beginning of our ambitious goals! The main slogan of the team, we wish them good luck in this matter!

Right from the start, join and be part of the fastest growing blockchain community in history.

351,055,308.59 HI -hi Dollars in circulation and 749,044 -Current members!

Pushing the boundaries of innovation
Your own blockchain. The superior speed and scalability of the hi (hiP) protocol and the zero transaction fee token model set it apart from other blockchains and make it the dominant smart contract platform for decentralized applications.

About hi protocol:

Experienced and Proven
hi is operated by the hi Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Singapore. The team seeks to revolutionize the global financial infrastructure and rethink how digital services can maximize value for stakeholders.

With speed, scalability, zero transaction fees, and a rapidly growing member base, hiP will stand out from other blockchains and become the most dominant smart contract platform for decentralized finance.


1.Buy hi Dollars

2.CashHash Tutorial

3.Sending Money

4.hi Dollars, Explained

5.What is CashHash?

6.Referring Friends at hi

P.s While they are distributing, you need to take and not pass by such an opportunity! I hug everyone, we earn!


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