Books worth reading.

Books worth reading.

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 12 Jun 2019

Greetings my reader. Each of us knows that reading books broadens the mind and helps to develop qualities that video content does not give us (it has become very much.) Information has become publicly available and focused on what you think as little as possible and consume maximum entertainment content.

I do not mind that you entertained with information that is of little use in life and will pass through you without leaving even memories, but time is very precious! Everybody has different goals and needs. I don’t dare to intervene in priorities, but 20 minutes spent per day on a book (or audio format) will benefit you more than watching news on the first channel.

Any book of world classics is a certain state of mind! For some masterpieces you need to grow, others want to read on vacation where no one is disturbed and the head is not occupied with anything. But there are books that are not in mass distribution, and their value is the experience of the author ... I offer you two such: # 1. How to become an adventurer? Reflections of a millionaire.
The author: Gennady Balashov. №2. One trillion dollars. Author: Ashbach Andreas.



Balashov’s book (a businessman, one of the presidential candidates in Ukraine) will tell you how to earn money in the CIS countries and grab the bird of happiness by the tail! Practice and interesting life stories, modern history of a consumer society. Quotes, tips and a lot of what they are afraid to even think about.

The second book is the exact opposite of the first (a book for the soul.) About a young man who received one trillion in inheritance. How will the main character dispose of them, will he be able to execute the will! What would you do? Write in the comments, and then read the book and you will think and see the world from a different angle! Books are not chosen randomly, read them both in order ...

I deliberately did not open much - it will be a nice bonus for people who read. Develop friends!


# Bounty Hunter # An ordinary person thinks how to spend time. Clever how to use it.



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