Aleo unicorn on the horizon. Collected 228 million from funds.

By dimonbuton | dimonbuton | 14 Feb 2022


Hello everyone! Today we will analyze a project that deserves your attention.

What is Aleo?

Aleo is a blockchain in which any developer can create applications and build their own ecosystem. It is important that these applications will be private! This is one of the main differences between the project and its competitors! Its Leo programming language will allow developers to quickly and easily create a private application, just like on a constructor!

- uses zero-knowledge cryptography,

- moves the execution of smart contracts off the network to provide a wide range of decentralized applications,

- are completely private and can scale up to thousands of transactions per second.

- built on an open public blockchain,

- has all the flexibility of Ethereum, but with a more scalable architecture


In 2016, work on the project begins. It was conceived as a programmable zero knowledge study. In 2019, the official foundation of the project by such people as:

Howard Wu, Michael Bellerome, Colleen Chinom and Raymond Chu.

The composition of the team is very strong: world-class cryptographers, engineers, designers and operators!

These guys worked: Google, Amazon and Facebook. At research universities: UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, New York University, and Cornell.

April 20, 2021 Raised $28M Round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) with contributions from Placeholder VC, Galaxy Digital, Variant Capital and Coinbase Ventures. Polychain Capital, Slow Ventures, Balaji Srinivasan and Ethereal Ventures, a new venture fund founded by Joseph Lubin.


On February 7, 2022, we raised 200 million in a series B round of financing conducted by Kora Management LP and SoftBank Vision Fund 2 with the participation of Tiger Global, Sea Capital. The company's valuation was $1.45 billion.



Howard Wu, CEO and CTO of Aleo:

“Our goal at Aleo is to lay the foundation for the next generation of decentralized web applications. We want to use technologies like zero-knowledge proofs and blockchains to create a developer ecosystem that enriches and empowers users online.”


Katie Haun, General Partner of a16z:

“We are thrilled to support the stellar Aleo team as they bring proprietary programmable applications to a wider market. Privacy-preserving applications allow users to engage digitally in an impartial manner, which, combined with blockchain technology, will create new opportunities for value creation. Aleo technologies have solved the critical scaling issues of applications built using zero-knowledge technology, allowing any developer or organization to build and scale truly private applications.”

Aaron Wong, investor at SoftBank Investment Advisers:

“As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, it is proving its potential to support a digital ecosystem defined by accessibility, efficiency, and interoperability. We believe that Aleo creates a fundamental layer that will enable the future of Web3 to be scalable, secure and secure, enabling a range of applications such as gaming and financial transactions. We are thrilled to partner with Howard Wu, blockchain thought leader, and his team to support their mission to deliver a new web experience.”

The most important thing we need to know:

1. This is a private blockchain - all transactions, amounts, wallets will be hidden.

2. Own programming language for creating applications on their blockchain. A set of tools for creating private applications that will help you: write your application using the Aleo programming language (no cryptography needed), compile and test on heavy-duty provers, launch your application very quickly.

3. Investors: Coinbase Ventures, ANDREESSEN HOROWITZ (a16z), Polychain Capital, Samsung NEXT, etc.

We subscribe:

✅ Discord -

✅ Website ~

✅Twitter ~ AleoHQ ~

Tokenomics — total supply of 1 billion tokens + 1 billion within 15 years. The price of early investors was supposedly around $0.5 per token.

I expect a project capitalization of 2 billion or more.

In tokenomics, 8% is allocated for grants to developers on their blockchain. Community Awards. (ambassador program)

15% of the tokens are allocated to Public - probably for a token sale. Perhaps there will be a guaranteed allocation for the community.

What is the Ambassador Program? This is to help the project in its early stages.


What can be done:

- Communication in Discord

- Create memes

- Creation of posters

- Create video

- Writing articles

- Social media activity (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook)

There will be 4 levels of rewards. The competition is high and priority will be given to the quality of work!

Ambassador program form -

After filling out the form, we go to the discord and communicate (usually you can get all the information from the community or pinned messages) in the FAQ thread, I advise you to read and study the information about the Aleo project. After you have completed one of the tasks, drop it in Discord in the user-content branch, memes in the memes branch. In the discussion thread, you can answer other people's questions and conduct dialogues, this is also a plus for your karma.

Ambassador program (what we learned from the conversation)

- Ambassador program. The preliminary start date is from the moment the post with the terms of the ambassador program is published. But it seems to be more of a convention.

- They promise that the program will be adaptive and the conditions may change according to the suggestions of the community

- There will be several phases in the program: pre-mainnet, post-mainnet

- There will be roles in the discord. When NFTs are credited, it will be possible to connect them through the bot to the Aleo discord and the roles will be pulled up automatically (Universal Contributor, Outer Contributor, etc.)

- There will be moderators from among the community

- What can you give for participating in the Ambassador? One of the ideas (surprise!) is pre-whitelist in the public sale. For Outstanding Achievement - Aleo Credits

- The focus will be on Content Creation: videos, blog posts, tweets, etc. Actually, nothing new here. We were talking about this about 5 months ago.

- There will be a post with details soon (ETA - end of the week). The post will also describe in what form you can offer your ideas for the program.

- There will be no forms for participation in the Ambassador. EVERYONE can. Forms in notion that we filled out before - it was just for statistics, to understand the interest of the community.

- The Aleo team will evaluate the work at the beginning. Especially the technical plan.

- You can already start working on content. But before that, write Anthony DM to the discord and confirm that the topic / direction is ok.

- Translations are also ok.

- Perhaps there will be a separate role in the Meme Champion discord

From the latest information, you can not fill out the form and immediately begin to complete tasks.

According to the developers, the old system - free Internet in exchange for the user's personal data - is outdated. And the future belongs to private applications. Aleo developers have created a new programming language (Leo), the language is easy to learn. It allows you to easily and intuitively create new private apps on Aleo. Developers of various applications say that everything is fine.

Good luck to all!

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