At Bitcoin, bad scenario may take place again !!
Bitcoin halving and mining

At Bitcoin, bad scenario may take place again !!

By Cryptoworld | Dijital money | 13 May 2020

Bitcoin halving and mining#We know how hard Bitcoin production gets harder after Bitcoin injury. When bitcoin price dropped earlier, miners quit production, which caused a drop of $ 3000 in Bitcoin price. .

2018 years Since mining became unprofitable after the big fall of Bitcoin, miners experienced instability. Blockchain analytics firm Glassnode reported that this has forced many miners to remove the hash power from the network. Similarly, China's mining pool F2Pool reported that Bitcoin daily mining revenue suffered more than 12 November and December 2018 price drops on March 12.

Shortly after Bitcoin fell below the $ 4,000 threshold in 2018, DPW Holdings, a holding company on the Nasdaq list, has announced that it has temporarily closed its cryptocurrency mining business, Digital Farms.

Bitcoin miners seriously affect the price of bitcoin, so miners may stop production or a bitcoin price drop by $ 4000 may cause miners to stop production.


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Dijital money
Dijital money

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