First ascending week: The whole market is waiting for the Bitcoin price to move

By Ana_2020 | digitalnews | 18 Oct 2020

Bitcoin has remained at around $ 11,400 in recent days, despite falling temporarily below $ 11,300. Atrium and Ripple have stabilized at $ 370 and $ 0.24, respectively, and Polkadat has returned to the $ 4 channel. Many altcoins have also come with price increases. This increase in prices caused the market value of digital currencies to increase significantly.

According to Cryptopotito, the news of the arrest of the founder of the "OKEx" exchange office was published yesterday, and after that, the exchange office stopped its deposit operations. Contrary to expectations, the news had little effect on the bitcoin market, and the king of digital currencies has spent the past 24 hours quietly. Experience shows that similar events have had a far greater impact on the digital currency market. It is worth noting that on Saturday we saw the price fall to the range of $ 11,350.

After the fall, Bitcoin resumed its recovery and jumped from less than $ 11,300 to above $ 11,400. Currently, each bitcoin unit is traded in the range of $ 11,420.

In the downtrend scenario, if the support is broken in the areas of $ 11,300 and $ 11,150, there is a possibility of falling to the range of $ 11,100 and closing the CME‌ gap. In the bullish scenario, the $ 11,500 and $ 11,800 resistance is ahead of the Bitcoin price.

The Altcoins market has also spent the past 24 hours without incident. During this time, many Altcoins experienced slight fluctuations, and most of them went green yesterday. For example, the price of Atrium reached $ 372 and Ripple remained in the range above $ 0.24!

Polkadat rose 4 percent to 4.1, the highest gain among the market's top 10 digital currencies. Bainance Quinn and China Link also experienced a 1% price increase each. Bitcoin Cash also fell 1%, falling below $ 250.


Market view


As expected, lower-value altcoins were more volatile. Ampleforth and Reserve Rights recorded the highest price fluctuations in the last 24 hours, with 34 and 15% price increases, respectively. Arwave, Avi, and Ren also jumped 8, 6, and 5.8 percent, respectively.

File Coin, the currency released last week, fell to $ 40 after a massive jump to the $ 70 range!

The OKEx Indigenous Exchange Token also fell in price, falling 15 percent to $ 4.3 after the news we mentioned earlier. In the past few days, the price of this token had reached more than $ 6.

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Here I want to keep you up to date with the latest news in the world of digital currencies. It has been about 5 years since I became acquainted with the world of blockchain and digital currencies like Bitcoin I hope the content is useful for you


Here I want to keep you up to date with the latest news in the world of digital currencies.

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