Digitall: The First Steps to a Business Project - What do we do?

By EveryWork | Digitall Life | 18 Oct 2020

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After the first post in which I presented his face - the main graphic and iconographic elements that will distinguish this project -, today I decided to move on to the second focus of the project: what do we do, precisely?

We create or modify logos

#logo is a graphic object that identifies a project, a company, an organization, an idea, and much more. It can be composed of several parts and we have decided to create different packages by classifying them according to these components.

Alongside this first criterion, the second and no less important: the possibility of commercial use.
A logo, as we have said, can consist of several parts. Each part of it is built using resources that may or may not be used for commercial purposes. We have therefore provided packages at a more accessible price for those who do not need products that can be used for these purposes but only for personal use.

The third criterion on which we base our offers is the possibility to choose a raster logo or a vector logo. A logo in the #raster format is basically a logo made up of images. The big disadvantage is the limit in its manipulation: any attempt to resize or modify the shapes made on the elements of the logo produces a loss of information; just to understand, a loss of definition of the image (it will be possible to get it grainy, with artifacts, with other imperfections, etc.). A logo in #vector format, on the other hand, is a logo made up of elements that can be resized at will, recolored at will, and reshaped at will. The big advantage: you can enlarge them to your liking for all the projects you are going to use them in, which will result in almost no loss of information.

Together with my explanation, I decided to insert types of logos made with only textual or even pictorial elements. The images do not identify official logos but only a representation of them.

First packet and second packet

In our first packet, we will create a very simple logo for you, only with textual elements, following some indications you provide. The final file that we will leave you will have the following standard: it will be an image in .png, in A4 format, at 300 dpi in resolution. The huge drawback: any manipulation will result in all the disadvantages listed above for raster formats. In practical terms, it will be possible to shrink it to reuse it in all the projects you are going to build, but it will be absolutely not recommended to reuse it at larger sizes, otherwise, the logo will lose its aesthetic appeal.


You will have 2 versions of this packet, one commercial and one non-commercial. The logo with reusable elements for commercial purposes will be created with free-to-use fonts and you can use it, for example, on items intended for sale.

Our second packet will allow you to have the equivalent described above, but it will be in vector format: any resizing (or modifications such as color changes, outline additions, etc.) you want to make, you will be able to do it. Obviously our package is only for creation, any future changes will involve additional costs.

Third and Fourth Packet

The logo will not be made with only textual elements, but there will be those that are defined as markspictograms, or iconic representations that usually identify one or more characteristics of the project to which they are associated. Again, the basic offer will be a raster format, with the same disadvantages as the first. But also in this case there will be the possibility of commissioning a vector format instead of a raster one, at a higher cost, with all the advantages described for the first packages. Finally, it will be possible to choose between a logo with a commercial or non-commercial license.

sdstyle pro commercial.jpg

And at the end...

... we will have 8 different packets to start with our project. Summarizing in jargon:

1) RASTER logo, text elements only, non-commercial use

2) VECTOR logo, text elements only, non-commercial use

3) RASTER logo, text elements only, commercial use

4) VECTOR logo, text elements only, commercial use

5) RASTER logo, text elements + mark/pictogram, non-commercial use

6) VECTOR logo, text elements + mark/pictogram, non-commercial use

7) RASTER logo, text elements + mark/pictogram, commercial use

8) VECTOR logo, text elements + mark/pictogram, commercial use

Also, we're working on creating a catalog ... but we'll talk about that later.

Hoping you haven't bored you, that's all for now.


Greetings from Digitall!

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Digitall Life
Digitall Life

The Life of the Digitall Project. We will create logo and graphic designs based on your request. The first steps to the birth of the Project, that we will launch soon.

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