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Digitall: The First Steps to a Business Project - The Face

By EveryWork | Digitall Life | 4 Oct 2020

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Hello everyone!

digitall logo design

For some time now, I have been working on the launch of a small personal project. What would I do in this project? Simple, I would create graphics. Logos, business card graphics, infographics, menus, and everything that could revolve around the landscape intended for print or the non-interactive web. At the moment I am still a little behind in the knowledge needed to create more professional videos or animations.

A face to the project.

A few weeks ago, on a veeeery sedentary day, I decided to lay the foundations to give a name and a face to this new project. To do so, I immediately started the creation of what will be the foundation of my future small business: a logo and an icon.

I didn't want to create a simple clean logo as it would be recommended, but I decided to create something unusual. I started with a sketch based on the name I would have liked for the project: Digitall.

At this point I took a photo: yes, a photo. Once inserted it on the pc, I started looking for a font that suited my needs. I looked for a fairly simple, full-bodied one, compacting it as much as possible, and varying the size of some letters I wanted to emphasize.


digitall first step

Then, I moved on to insert some pictograms. The first, a strictly personal measuring tape. Taken from a small closet in the living room, I placed it on a bright surface and took a picture that I later reworked with, a basic raster graphics program accessible to everyone.

digitall modified image

Now, the other idea: insert a nice tall man inside the logo, by means of some very simple shapes. The choice fell on the modification of the T present in the logo. It had the features of a little man, it could be adapted, so I asked myself why not try. I baked two legs especially for him, then I moved on to the arms and hands. Only one thing was missing: the head.

Here, an idea that I had not had before but that seemed to me in theme with a service created on the web that aims to be able to offer its services at 360 degrees without geographical boundaries. I searched the public domain online resources for a small depiction of planet earth and inserted a little mouth and a pair of eyes, using it as my little man's head.

Et Voilà! Logo finished.

Digitall Logo

It's not over yet: the public face.

The logo is fine, but with the advent of social media and public accounts scattered on web services, today we also need another face for business. Is what we can see next to a user's name on any online platform, that little icon chosen by the user to represent himself?

Which icon to use? I didn't like reusing the logo, so I decided to start from scratch and create a totally different new element. I kept the idea of the planet earth, but I wanted to give it a much more cartoonish and nice air, unlike its version in the logo. I searched among the open source resources and I used a vector that I modified later. I recolored the whole figure to my liking and added a pair of friendly eyes.

digitall icon black and white

Digitall icon color cover


The first phase finished. The business has a name and a couple of graphics to help define it visually. In some time I will write the introductory post, explaining the various offers of the service. The goal is to integrate a cryptocurrency-based payment system. For the moment I am looking for the safest method to do this, also making use of the help of some protocols launched in recent times.

I hope to be able to give you news as soon as possible.

A greeting from Digitall!

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Digitall Life
Digitall Life

The Life of the Digitall Project. We will create logo and graphic designs based on your request. The first steps to the birth of the Project, that we will launch soon.

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