Digitall - The First Steps to a Business Project: The Catalogue

By EveryWork | Digitall Life | 31 Oct 2020

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In summary

In the first post, I showed some glimpses of the creation of the face of the Digitall project. In the second post we saw in more detail the fundamental point from which Digitall was born, the need - we hope - to create logos and graphic design for those who need them. The third point that I am going to illustrate is something that I had anticipated in the last post: the creation of a catalogue.

Logo Design Catalogue

A Catalogue? To create Graphic Design?

A catalogue is a detailed list of the products offered by a company and it is not difficult to imagine if offered by her. It is more difficult to understand why a catalogue can be used by a user who creates objects tailored to his customers, such as a logo creator. The reason is explained by dividing the Digitall project into 2 sections:

1) an agency that takes care of creating your logo or graphic design you need, which uniquely identifies you or your project;


2) a partial ecommerce service where you can choose to customize some preexisting graphic design;


This second point is the reason why it was necessary to draw up a catalogue. Inside it will be grouped various pre-set graphic elements, all reusable on the web or for printing. Each of them can be customized according to your requests, guaranteeing a more accessible price range and a clearer idea about the graphics you are going to get.

The big advantage will be the possibility of being able to choose a graphic that you like before leaving; the disadvantage is that, despite having control and rights over your trademark, you will not be able to register the pictograms as unique to your business: they will remain in fact property of those who placed them on the web, they will remain in the catalogue and could be reused by other individuals.

So why create a catalogue of logos if they can't be mine to the end?

For 2 reasons. The first reason is that many activities do not require identifying iconographies of their business or project, but only of the sector in which they operate. The second reason is that Digitall will not only offer the creation of logos, but also other graphic designs that I will talk about in the next post.

And Catalogue Will be!


My idea is to create a small ebook in pdf or epub format and record it so that it can be freely downloaded. To do this, the first step is to create a cover image. So I opened my vector graphics software and started modeling a very simple one. However, I realized that it was not to my liking and I decided to try a second one. Being Digitall a service born as a logo creator, I decided to create a cover with someone of the logos in the catalogue. I drew some sketches quickly, and then I built them inside the graphic software using some photos taken with the smartphone. 5 simple logos, of different formats and directions of development, each a mixture of logos and pictograms.


Once finished, I created some rows with the final 5 logos and placed them side by side until the page was filled in its entirety. I added a gradient background, an icon identifying the Digitall project, and some other fundamental elements that could suggest the nature of this creation.

Digitall Graphic Design Catalogue

The resulting project is the one in the figure, and this time I didn't mind, so I decided to officially publish it here on my blog. I am gathering everything needed to create the interior and as soon as I finish, I will write another post explaining in detail all the main services offered in addition to creating logos.

Hoping not to have bored you again, a big fat hello from Digitall!

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Digitall Life
Digitall Life

The Life of the Digitall Project. We will create logo and graphic designs based on your request. The first steps to the birth of the Project, that we will launch soon.

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