Accept Contactless Payments ( including Bitcoin)

Accept Contactless Payments ( including Bitcoin)

Accept Contactless Payments 

XPOS PAX A920 using Apple Pay

Why Smart Digital Payments?

Smart Digital Payments is here to help business owners smoothly transition into accepting alternative payment options like Debit/Credit, QR code scan, cryptocurrencies and many other traditional and non traditional payment options. Our rates are amazing. Most places charge the business a percentage that ends up costing them thousands per month. SDP only charges a small monthly fee of $198. 

With the huge number of businesses closing due to this pandemic we have decided to lead the pack in dramatically reducing the cost of processing payments for the merchant.

With our devices your business can take just about any form of digital payments. Some you've likely never even heard of. 

Our devices are easily integrated into any business model. Have a look at this video by PAX to help illustrate what it would look like to use our Xpos Pax A920 to accept contactless payments in various business types.

As you can see in the video, the versatility of the Xpos Pax A920 is unmatched. 

Smart Digital Payments is dedicated to the safety of our customers as well as their customers. That is why we have decided that we will donate 100 masks to every organization who is referred to us through this blog post. Together we can help reduce the spread of transmittable diseases by increasing the availability of safer contactless payment solutions for business and merchants. 

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Smart Digital Payments
Smart Digital Payments

We provide pos devices to empower businesses to accept Bitcoin and other payment options

Digital Payments (the new normal)
Digital Payments (the new normal)

The world is rapidly changing, especially in the world of payments. We at Smart Digital Payments chose to adapt instead of go extinct. We offer merchant services to small business owners at a very affordable cost. Our devices empower merchants to accept contactless payment solutions including QR code scan, NFC contactless, Digital Wallet, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dia, NPXS and more. Smart Digital Payments also offers traditional payment options such as Chip&Pin and Swipe.

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