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Business 4.6/5


Travala has branded itself as the largest cryptocurrency flights and hotels aggregator. Flights, accommodations, and hotels can all be booked through Travala's website. They find lodging for both you and your trip requirements, including everything from opulent all-star resorts to hostels. Travala presents itself as a provider of frictionless travel with the integration of cryptocurrency and incentives in the form of tokens. To guarantee that your travel is first-rate and, factors such as cost and economy permitting, they have strategic connections with a large number of stakeholders. Similar to, Travala gathers travel website options for customers wishing to book trips, lodging, and other travel-related services. They are able to provide exceptional rates, and if you discover a lower deal on another website after making a reservation, they'll even reimburse you for the difference.


With backgrounds in the fintech, tourism, and blockchain industries, Travala was founded in 2017 by individuals with similar interests. The goal of Juan Otero, Steve Hipwell, and Matt Luczynski's collaboration was to use their combined wealth of knowledge and experience to increase company transparency. In 2020, they merged with Travelbybit, a global exchange and trading platform for cryptocurrencies that was backed by Binance. Today, travala has a vast team and aims to increase its team size even more in upcoming days.

Road Map

The user base is gradually expanding, and Travala is collaborating with other platforms, such as Expedia, Viator, and numerous others. Overall, Travala appears to be a fantastic alternative for cryptocurrency users who intend to live entirely on cryptocurrencies or who are searching for other methods to spend their cryptocurrencies. Travala also hopes to expand its customer loyalty programmes, which will help its users stay on the platform longer and attract more users. Travala, which currently accepts both cryptocurrency and non-crypto payments including credit cards and nett banking, intends to switch totally to a cryptocurrency payment system in the near future, but doing so could result in sanctions in some of the countries where it currently conducts business.

Technical 3.6/5

Product Rating

The best aspects of Travala are its acceptance of a wide range of conventional and cryptocurrency payment options; the availability of a large number of lodging choices made possible by their partnership with Expedia, which gives customers access to all of Expedia's booking options; the simple navigation of their website or mobile app; and rewards offered to AVA crypto token holders. The Travala platform includes more than 2.2 million properties scattered over 230 countries in 90,124 destinations. This implies that you are receiving a buffet of the locations, and there are countless choices available. You can choose a hotel, a resort, or a hostel based on your needs because the site offers all of them at different prices. You are most likely to find a house in the location you want thanks to their many locations. Here are some of the product features that make it stand out from other websites.

Website and Application that are simple to use.

You will have a similar or even superior experience using Travala if you've ever used an online travel agency to book hotels, lodging, or flights. The website has a nice user interface and loads quickly. Bookings can be made through the convenience of your smartphone with Travala's feature-rich mobile app. Flight reservations are not currently available, and the mobile app only enables hotel reservations.

Loyalty programme (Smart Member)

For owners of AVA tokens, Travala provides one of the top loyalty programmes in the travel sector. The Smart Programme is what this programme is known as. You can save up to 10% and receive bonus rewards with an APY of 12% on travel reservations. After your stay is over, the Smart Program will give you a loyalty reward of up to 5% along with a discount of up to 5% off the mentioned costs. It functions by having a graduated amount of AVA in your wallet. It applies to reservations for hotels and other lodging when the Smart Icon is made available. Simply for activating the membership, you will also receive extra benefits worth 12% APY.

Gift cards for travel

Travala gift cards are also available for purchase and distribution to friends, family, and coworkers. They can also use these gift vouchers to buy travel through Travala. The greatest trip booking website that accepts cryptocurrencies is, which has a tonne of other features. I will, however, allow you to independently explore all the other aspects.

Crypto Related

AVA Token

The cryptocurrency that is used to make purchases on the Travala website. It makes use of blockchain technology and keeps track of all of its transactions in a user-controlled database. You can use it to pay for bookings that are advertised on the travel website, and it functions just like any other cryptocurrency. Your use of the Travala platform will be encouraged, and your interaction with our website will be made more engaging. 

AVA tokens can be used to make regular appointments that are mentioned on the website, which is a good feature. Moreover, take advantage of the many discounts connected to AVA reservations. estimates that using AVA to make a reservation can result in savings of up to 40% compared to doing so through other booking sites. Additionally, during partner exchanges, you can receive the equivalent AVA in fiat currency. AVA has a 61,125,269 token supply overall. There are 50,998,000 of them in use. AVA Tokens were deployed on the BEP2 and BEP20 on the Binance Chain.

You must be conversant with AVA's workings in order to take advantage of all incentives and bonuses because travellers are paid through this system. To obtain incentives and bonuses or to pay for travel, you can stake your tokens on Wallets from SafePal and Trust are additional storage choices. Basically, Any wallet that accepts the Binance chain is compatible with AVA token storage.


We should be aware that neither the website nor the application on Travala are blockchain enabled; only the payment systems are. There is still a chance of security lapses on the website and application. Therefore, it is advised to store money in a decentralised wallet with a 2fa enabled and connect to Travala as necessary. Through the seamless integration of tokenized incentives and next-generation blockchain technology, Travala has successfully developed a frictionless trip booking experience. By introducing a cutting-edge user experience, numerous cryptocurrency and conventional payment options, and advantages tied to our own patented technology cryptocurrency AVA, Travala customers are confident that they are making reservations on a platform of the future with open pricing and the highest level of security.

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