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Earn Banano Cryptocurrency

By LifeImpression | Digital Daily | 21 Apr 2024

Hello Everyone!!


But first little bit of introduction to the project, Banano is like that fun-loving friend who always brings joy to the party. it's a cryptocurrency that prides itself on being feeless, lightning-fast, and packed with potassium goodness, all thanks to it's fancy directed acyclic graph (DAG) technology.

It's goal 

To shake up the meme economy and bring a smile to your face.

Back in 2018, Banano sprouted from the same tree as Nano coin, but it's growth into its own unique flavor since then. the team behind Banano includes folks who once worked on Nano, and they're easy to spot on the website with their dancing banana avatars.

Steps to create Wallet in Kalium

Want to get get your hands on some Banano?

  • Download Kalium from
  • You'll need to create a wallet 
  • Save the passphrase somewhere good 
  • Voila!! you're done

Daily claims of Banano Faucets

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